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Welcome back, fashion lovers! This is your fashionista, Talha Sakrani from, Men’s and Women’s Fashion Blog.

This time I have for you a new blog of fashion tips. 

Now is the turn of women. In the last blog, we talk about the latest trends for men, so now it’s time to count the latest women’s fashion trends from spring-summer 2022. 

We still have a few weeks left to enjoy the summer, so let’s take advantage of these days to make the most of our look and our wardrobe before entering the new WOMEN’S FASHION TRENDS trends of the fall-winter season on the catwalks. 

This year we saw on the catwalks a clear return to the fashion of the 2000s, intense colors and combinations that we thought would never be fashionable again. With a wide variety, this spring-summer season allows all women to find the style they like best. 

So let’s start with the review of the latest women’s fashion trends 2022

Read this article to the end that I will tell you the most authentic and popular women’s fashion trends this year. From colors, textures and shapes. After this article, you will know everything about this fashion season.

Colors and patterns

This time let’s start with the colors. If I liked something about this spring-summer season for women, it’s the colors! Bright and bold colors dominate the scene, leaving behind the classic and boring tunes. 

Let’s see what colors dye this season. 

Neon Green 

Fluorescent tones are again placed on all the catwalks, and this time Neon Green is the king of women’s trends. 

Which green specifically? It seems that the rule this season is as acidic as possible. In that sense, lime green has dominated the scene. We saw it, for example, on the Versace catwalks with absolutely green attire, from the glasses to the shoes. But Versace wasn’t the only one to make lime green the star of its catwalks; Valentino, Badgley Mischka and Naem Khaan were part of the trend.

Pink or Bimbocore 

If the pink aesthetic has been so popular on social media, much is due to the return of Bimbocore, the fashion that takes up the histrionic pink outfits. The tone? Your favorite! All shades of pink play in this trend that has been gaining ground for a while.

Shine with Sequins

This season was undoubtedly characterized by glitter and glamour, making everyone shine. Not only bright and vivid colors take over the catwalks, but sequins were also part of them, in case you thought that this season was still missing something flashy. 

From tops, blouses, hats, and pants, we saw all the sequined garments in the latest catwalks with proposals such as Loewe, Valentino and Rodarte, with the Michael Kors dresses in silver sequins being the favorites of the season. 

So if you can’t decide which sequin piece you want to incorporate into your wardrobe, the suggestion is definitely a dress.


Of course, if there is something we love about the spring-summer seasons, it is the sexy clothes that we can wear while we can still enjoy the sun. And for this season, open fabrics and transparencies that let the skin shine are the protagonists. 

Whether in skirts or blouses, transparencies with flower decorations or of course glitter are a trend this season. So leave your shyness for autumn-winter and take advantage of the fact that this season glamour is combined with sexy.

Now that you know what tones and materials are the trends for this spring summer 2022 season, let’s move on to the combinations and cuts for this season.

The catsuits

And to start we have the Catsuit again. Yes, I know, it is not the most comfortable garment for many and finding one that fits us well is not the easiest task. But the trend of wearing jumpsuits or catsuits has its advantages. Firms such as KNWLS, Marine Serre, and Balmain, among many others, have shown that catsuits can be very versatile, making them look elegant when combined with heels, or casuals if worn with sandals or tennis 

The new? As you may have already noticed, this season is for the daring, so in the catsuit, we see transparencies again, sequins, but above all the cut-out trend stands out, with asymmetrical openings. 

If this is too much for you, black and flowers are the most discreet version for this season.

The fringes

Of course, in this fashion review for women’s fashion 2022, fringes could not be missing. 

We began to see them in the 2021/2022 fall-winter season and their acceptance was so great that we now have the summer version. 

And what is the summer version? During the last catwalks, we saw fringes on jackets, blouses and dresses, but without a doubt, the new thing in terms of fringes is short skirts with long fringes.

Dresses with pants are back 

The retro trend of the 2000s continues in fashion and in street style, dresses combined with pants continue to gain ground. Are you afraid that your combination will not achieve that street style effect? 

Don’t worry, this season we saw this combination with any kind of dress; short, long, closed and open. 

In any case, if you are looking for fashion tips to use this combination, these are the two that you should keep in mind this season: 

1) Cowboy Jeans are the best to combine with dresses 

2) Don’t forget it’s summer! Let your skin shine and you’ll be getting the winning combination.


Of course, miniskirts could not be missing from this list. And since they returned we have not stopped seeing them in fashion magazines and among the best dressed celebrities. 

Following the edgy summer trend, miniskirts have lived up to their name with really short versions. So it’s time to explore and show your body, take out of the closet those skirts that you no longer used because you considered them too short, and wear them before the end of summer!

The blazers in XL

At the extreme of the miniskirts, we find the Blazers, which during this season we saw them in extra large sizes. With traditional cuts and wide shoulder pads, this season they appear as the perfect piece to counter short and daring garments. 

As you are probably already imagining, a wide Blazer with a miniskirt is the best combination you could have this summer. To give you a good idea of what type of Blazer to wear, run to see the collections of Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and of course, Prada.

Wide Pants

Wide pants seem will not go away in a while. Whether it’s jeans, formal, or even sport and leggings, width is the key for this season. The fall in bell continues to be the trend.

Well, now you know everything you need to end this spring-summer season with all the styles of fashion trends. 

Do not miss the next edition of this blog to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and tips so that you always look spectacular, anywhere.

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