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Autumn is here, soon the landscape will change color, and you should too!

Hello again to all fashionista community and welcome to Talha Sakrani’s Fashion Blog!

As you know, from September 21 to 24, autumn will enter the northern hemisphere, so we cannot wait another day to find out which colors will set the trend in the coming months.

In addition, this year is happening within the world of fashion, something extraordinary. Unlike what is normally expected for autumn and winter, this season will see a revolution of colors.

During the spring and the summer we saw how bright and striking colors took over the world of fashion and catwalks. And to the surprise of many, this trend will not go away! Yes, just as you heard, the bright and radiant colors are still valid during this fall winter 2022.

The dark and somber color palettes, we are used to during these dates, are a thing of the past. This year, the best fall looks will be the ones with the most life, so ditch black and brown this season.

Although, of course, these colors will not be the same as what we saw in the previous months. If you want to know which are the most fashionable colors for this fall-winter 2022, keep reading. I’m sure these new trends will surprise you as much as they did me.

So the general recommendation for this season is, renew yourself! Let’s forget, at least for this season, the sober looks and join this fashion color revolution.

Read it to the end! Because in addition to telling you what the star colors of this fall are, I will give you a fashion tip so that you can conquer the streets with your best outfits this season.

These are the trendy colors of this fall 2022

Blue Like The Ocean

If I am delighted with something this season, it is with the triumphal entry of this ocean blue that had been hanging around the catwalks for a while, and it seems that this fall will be its moment to shine.

Being perhaps the most revolutionary color of this season, since it is not common to see this color during the fall, ocean blue will be a must in those wardrobes that are considered precursors of fashion.

This blue hue will also be combined with lighter sky blue tones. But without losing sight of the fact that, to be fashionable this season, we have to bring it to life, that is, not just any blue will do, it has to be a bright, radiant blue that, unlike cream tones, can be seen from meters away.

Talha Sakrani

Burnt Orange

Yes, just as you heard it, “orange is the new black.” Of course, the best thing about autumn is being able to combine it with the landscapes. And who doesn’t love the reddish orange tones that are born with autumn?

This season, despite being different from others, does not miss that opportunity and puts the burnt orange in the center of the stage. Only unlike other years, this time, as you already know, the rule is: shine.

Talha Sakrani

Green lime

If you followed the advice of this blog, and you have added lime green garments to your wardrobe, you did very well. This color has managed to enter the hearts of fashionistas and also on all the catwalks, to the point that we will not have to say goodbye to it in this change of season.

From shoes to hats, all things lime green are still going strong for a fashion fall this 2022

Barbie Pink

The full pink or pink core also survives the season! And it couldn’t be better! Maybe it’s becoming the new classic look in every wardrobe, which is amazing since this color has the quality to go great with any skin tone.

In addition, the catwalks and the stars are making this color the elegant classic of fashion, breaking with the stereotypes of “serious” colors, that is, the palettes of dark tones, as the only elegant ones.

Talha Sakrani

Lilac Not Purple

Bursting onto the fashion scene for this fall 2022, we see this lilac hue. Although, unlike the other colors, we do not find it in its bright hue, which would make it purple, it still fulfills the rule of being flashy.

The advantage of incorporating a piece of this color to your wardrobe is that it combines perfectly with the warm brown colors, characteristic of autumn, and of which you surely have the occasional jacket and coat.

Talha Sakrani

Fiery Red

If you were already worrying about not seeing red on this list, forget it. Designers know that fall is the perfect excuse to wear red, and that the fashionistas love it.

Red is another of the colors that make us combine perfectly with the natural colors of this fall and we would not want to lose it.

However, there is a difference from years past, and yes, it is the brightness. The intense and bright red will be the one we will see this season in the fashion world, giving us the opportunity to bring out our most sensual side.

Talha Shakir Sakrani

Cream White

For the most minimalist people, there is an option that does not lose the rule of shining, while reconciling with a more classic look. The Cream White. Indeed, unlike a total white, the cream hue gives it not only that characteristic shine of this season, but also the autumnal essence that we want to preserve in all our looks.

Talha Sakrani

Fashion tip

Now that you know what the star colors will be for this fall-winter 2022 season, you can start putting together your best looks for the most important events.

But wait, if you are thinking of adding new clothes to your wardrobe for this season, this fashion tip that I am going to give you will make you the star of the season.

And the tip is: Full color, as full as you can! If you manage to wear all your clothes, from above to the shoes of the same color, you will be doing great! So forget about the combinations while you can, and choose one color per day.

Talha Shakir Sakrani

That’s all for today, Talha Sakrani friend´s, go out and conquer the streets with your best outfits for this fall winter 2022. And don’t forget to tell me and send me your best photos to inspire the next blog. Remember that the street makes the catwalks and not the other way around!

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