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In first blog of this week, we will be taking a look at top fashion brands in 2022 as well as their top selling products, with a little bit of insight from Talha Sakrani.

There are millions of active fashion brands worldwide, and Gucci and Balenciaga topped the list in many categories amongst other top fashion brands in 2022. This is based on popularity, trendiness, and best-selling products. 

2021 saw a shift towards sustainable fashion, and the some of the top fashion brands in 2021 concentrated on the end-of-life impacts and established biodiversity strategies. In 2022, the top fashion brands reflect this shift in mindset, and we are seeing a lot of digital fashion as well as demonstrations of the relationships we have with our clothes.

The pandemic magnified the relevance of digital fashion, and it is now considered as the future of sustainable fashion because it reduces unnecessary production, pollution, and waste. As we reexamine the relationships we have with clothes, we are seeing the top fashion brands start to show clothes as a tool for storytelling and a source of inspiration for the next generation.

Top fashion brands: Balenciaga

One of the top fashion brands today is Balenciaga and the Balenciaga’s The Mud Show for SS23 took the fashion world by storm. Kanye West opened The Mud Show for Balenciaga and fake babies were carried across the mud filled runway. While Balenciaga’s The Mud Show for SS23 might have been a spectacle to watch, there was a deeper meaning to it. “This show is a metaphor for digging for truth and being down to earth.” 

Balenciaga’s The Mud Show for SS23 was a tool for inspiration by challenging normative dress codes. The collection celebrated manmade ideas of the incorrect and disproportionate. Some clothes looked like rugs, and most of them were covered in mud, but most importantly, the models were not the typical models we’re used to seeing on runways.

Fashion can be interpreted differently by different people. But from this particular show by Balenciaga, the avant-garde apocalyptic style really shone through, and there were strong themes of sustainability, repairs, and reparations.

Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga celebrates the utilitarian side of fashion with a timeless American style. This lineup by Kanye West and Demna reimagines wardrobe essentials, and the products flew off the shelves after production, reaffirming Kanye’s efforts to democratize fashion.

Top fashion brands: Gucci

Just like the Balenciaga Mud Show, the Gucci SS23 Gucci Twinsburg show was wild. According to Vogue, it was a play on reflections, examining our conceptions of reality, and self. This is a recurring theme in fashion today, with top fashion brands using the runway to encourage people to reflect on individuality as well as their relationship with clothes and fashion.

Michele describes his thinking behind the Gucci Twinsburg show as a collection that talks about his idea of the world because fashion is deeply connected to life and humanity. 

Gucci has always been among top fashion brands, and there are items that will always be iconic. The top products for Gucci in 2022 were the Gucci x Adidas collection. There was a 286% increase in searches for Gucci within 48 hours of the collection’s release. The Gucci x Adidas Gazelle sneakers were among the hottest products on the Lyst index.

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