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Lululemon leggings are an essential purchase for everyday life. Prior to blowing your budget on a single pair of athleisure leggings that cost $100 or more, you should make a spending plan, start saving money, and conduct a thorough product investigation. But once those soft leggings are on, you quickly put your buyer’s guilt to rest since they are so worth it.

why do THEY cost so much?

Really, they’re just leggings, right? Actually, those are super leggings, not pants. A Lululemon press representative said, “We have always and will continue to price our products based on a commitment to the value of fit, utility, premium materials and detail, workmanship, and technology.” In essence, these are the Holy Grail of leggings, made with premium fabric that, sure, is slightly more expensive than your typical, transparent polyester/spandex blend.

But don’t just believe what they say. You may find several variations of the following message if you search for “Lululemon Leggings” on Twitter: “I bought two pairs of Lululemon leggings, and I don’t regret it one bit.” “These things feel like I’m not wearing trousers, and I look like a snack.” You all know that they merely speak the truth. Lululemon does have a sale section. You don’t have to buy everything in it at full price if you’re a sale section shopper on a mission.

Are they worth the price?

Whether you want the best Lululemon leggings for running, yoga, or just hanging around the house, the reality is that they’re all comfortable, they’re all durable, and you can’t go wrong with any of these pairs. Take care of your leggings, and they’ll take care of you. Lululemon’s customer said, “I’ve had pairs for years that still look and feel brand new; no pilling, sweat scents, fading, or riding down.” The quality is unparalleled, and if you’re going to splurge on a pair of leggings, you want them to last. You’re in the market for leggings, and if you’re looking to go with a pair, continue reading.

What are the variations of Lululemon’s exclusive fabrics?

For the creation of its leggings, Lululemon uses five unique proprietary materials. The first is Nulu. The adored Align series is constructed of the buttery-soft fabric called Nulu. Although not the highest performing, it is incredibly comfortable. Nulux comes next. We are aware that a single letter can have a significant impact. Although it feels similarly buttery soft to Nulu, this fabric is more adept at wicking away moisture. Nulux leggings have a sort of nude sensation that is perfect while you are working up a sweat; choose them if you want to feel as though you are wearing nothing at all. Everlux is the brand’s fastest-drying fabric after that. This fabric is probably the most adaptable of all of them because it is thicker than Nulux while remaining sleek and breathable. Luxtreme is the fourth. This fabric is thicker and intended to provide less friction and more shape retention over time. The combination of Nulu and Luxtreme, SmoothCover, comes in last but certainly not least. It has Nulu’s buttery soft texture and Luxtreme’s shape-holding and hugging qualities.

LULULEMON’S got categories of leggings?


1. AligN

Aligns are produced using Nulu material. According to the company website, Nulu fabric, which is a buttery soft blend of 81% nylon and 19% Lycra elastane, is used to make the insanely popular Align leggings and the whole Align series.

There are the leggings you run outside in, the leggings you run inside in, the leggings you sleep in, and then the dressy, wear-as-pants leggings you wear to class. The Align will be your top pick. They’re the perfect pair of wear-everywhere leggings you’ve been searching for your entire life, the kind you put on and say, “Ok, now I get why people pay $100 for these.”

It looks and feels so light on the skin, it seems almost like wearing a cloud. Lycra is woven into the fabric. Which means they won’t stretch out no matter how many times you wear them. They feel buttery soft to the touch. Lululemon’s reviewer, Chan, says, “I literally live in these.” “I love them for teaching yoga and lounging around.” “They are available in a variety of different lengths and sizes so that they are available for all bodies.”

Aligns are meant for low-impact activities like yoga. You know, not moving from your couch for an entire season of “Never Have I Ever.” The $98 price tag is 100% worth it. If you’re looking to save, you can shop certain colors on sale for $69.


ALIGNS. WITH. POCKETS are the athleisure modified the most popular model by adding capacious side pockets. When I say “pockets,” I mean the real “fit your phone and then some pockets” that women’s fashion generally lacks. Wearers agreed in the reviews: “I vow not to buy anymore without the thigh pockets,” one customer wrote.

The only difference between these and the classic Aligns is the added side seam. Apart from that, these offer the exact same touchable fabric and fun colorways. You can shop this absolutely thrilling update in regularcropped, and bike short styles. Plus, they have pockets! A discreet compartment in the waistband can comfortably hold a key, card, or phone.

3. Invigorate Leggings

If Aligns are the high-comfort ones you lounge in, Invigorate leggings are the high-comfort ones you work out in. One customer reviewed it as “TO DIE FOR!!!” The fastest-drying fabric, Everlux, is used to create Invigorate. Everlux combats hot, humid, low-airflow studio environments. They have a silky, smooth, cool feel on the inside and a velvety touch on the outside. The fabric is soft and satisfyingly thick, so you’ll never have an accidental see-through-butt situation. With extra compression, they hold up against intense workouts.

Stretch and Lululemon’s quickest moisture-wicking technology are highlighted in these tights because they were designed exclusively for exercise.


Running and weight training sessions benefit greatly from the Base Pace approach exactly because they help athletes perform at their best throughout intense exercises. They are composed of Nulux material, which feels like a slick combination of nylon and polyester and is ideal for running since it prevents the dreaded thigh chaffing. And when I say they’re weightless, I really mean it; they’re close to your body without being excessively made with seams and paneling.

Base Pace are favored for their adaptability as well. Use the drawstring on the inside of the band to tighten the waist if it is a little loose on your frame. If you have shorter legs, you should definitely choose the 25-inch inseam, but if long leggings aren’t your style, you can also get them in a biker short version.

One reviewed Base Pace leggings, “These are not favorite for yoga and Pilates, thanks again to that slippery material. The poses and positions are difficult to maintain because it slides around so much.” If you want to wear the Lululemon brand to your next mat workout, you can wear a pair with more traction like the Aligns which are actually meant for yoga as well.

The technological Nulux fabric used to create these performance leggings offers a smooth, lightweight feel to reduce distractions during exercise. They have all the sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and stretch qualities you would want in training clothing, and they are brushed on the inside for softness and warmth.

Winter has not arrived in a full swing, though Lululemon has thought of cold temperatures. They have the solution for athletes to continue in winter. Luckily, one pair of Lululemon leggings is designed specifically for cold weather workouts, making it easy to hit your new personal best.

The Base Pace High-Rise Fleece Running Tight are made to withstand winter running, and they have just been added to Lululemon’s iconic.

Normally retailing for $118, the Base Pace High-Rise Fleece Running Tight are on final sale at $69 — making them a top choice if you’re looking for a more affordable activewear option especially for the winter.

5. Wunder Under

Although their sister leggings are the perfect fit for sprints and spin class, these leggings are fantastic for low-impact exercises like yoga or weightlifting. You get all the softness of the Wunder along with the compression that has reviewers raving. “I wore them for a SoulCycle class, and they held up fantastic with minimal visible sweat,” one individual wrote.

The Wunder is the ideal complement to a trainer’s wardrobe because it is highly supportive, completely opaque, and constructed of Lululemon’s quick-drying Everlux fabric. Since the pair has a drawstring at the waist, you can customize the fit and avoid pulling them up in the middle of a workout. They fit according to size, however, if you’re not used to wearing compression clothing, they may feel smaller than usual.

This pair is perfect for air-conditioned workouts or colder weather because it is slightly thicker than others; nevertheless, the thicker fabric may be too heavy for the summer heat. The reviewer attests that “They wicked sweat pretty well, so I didn’t get overheated or feel clammy during any of my workouts.”

6. Fast and Free High-Rise

The Nulux fabric, a “cool, sleek, quick-drying” material produced specifically for running and exercise. Nulux also being used to produce the Fast And Free. You can wear these babies to school, and they were built to absorb spin class-levels of sweat. Even though they’re a long pant, the Fast and Free is famed for the cool-feeling fabric that keeps you from getting too hot, no matter how intense your fitness grind. “The comfort is unparalleled.” “It always feels and looks amazing in cold or hot weather,” one customer said.

“They are silky smooth, perfectly stretchy, and have handy pockets in the waistband, as well as side pockets if you’re on the go, or need snacks for long adventures,” Chan adds. “I love running, skiing, and lifting in them.” If you’re looking for a slick liquid legging you can go hard in.

7. All the Right Places

The All the Right Places fully lives up to its name, with flattering seams that support and uplift in all the right places, but also keep your muscles stabilized. One customer emphasized in reviews: “I love the lack of seam down the front, and the side seams produce a slimming effect that gets me compliments every time I wear it.”

That’s right, there are multiple iterations of Lululemon’s bestselling Align leggings. This version offers not one, not two, but *three* cropped lengths—17 inches, 21 inches, and 23 inches. These leggings are exceptionally soft and made with Luxtreme fabric, so you can buy them knowing they won’t ever lose their shape.

“I basically live in these leggings.” “I especially love the softness and the waistband, which lays flat without a seam at the top of the band,” the customer wrote.

8. Swift Speed

The Swift Speed leggings are Luxtreme fabric as well. Specifically designed for running and made with a sweat-wicking, breathable, oh-so-stretchy fabric. You can quickly store your phone, keys, or even an energizing mid-run snack in the practical drop-in side pockets and zipped back compartment. The material is ultra smooth and cool to the touch, making these the perfect warm-weather legging option.

Reviewers rave over their fit, with one customer commenting, “If you are looking for leggings that will not fall down at all when running, these are the best!” “They stay right above my belly button, and I did not have to touch them once on a 5 mile run.”

Randall echoed the same sentiment: “What I like about these pants is that they have a little rib at the top, which ensures that they won’t slip down.” “I wouldn’t do yoga in these; they just aren’t soft enough for me, but they’d be great for any cardio or strength-based movement!

9. InStill

The Instill is designed with SmoothCover material. Lululemon’s exclusive second-skin, incredibly light fabric, making it ideal for executing even the most difficult yoga postures. Even so, they are still quite breathable and moisture-wicking, so don’t be concerned if you perspire a lot.

Customers love that these are just as buttery soft as the Align while providing a little bit more compression. This means that you can feel comfortable moving in them regardless of your body type or size. It has the same buttery softness as precious Align but feels a bit thicker and more supportive. The reviewer said, “I wouldn’t say they felt constrictive in any way, and for that reason, I found they fit true to size.”

10. Groove Super-High-Rise

The Groove Flared Pant is the design you need to quickly add to your cart since yoga leggings are the most recent mid-2000s trend to make a reappearance. The leggings have a very high rise and a length of 32.5 inches, which some customers believe makes them ideal for tall girls. One user said, “I love the high waist and flared legs.” “They create a wonderful contour shape.”

The Groove from Lululemon is constructed of the soft, lightweight Nulu fabric, making it perfect for relaxing at home or low-impact exercise.

Thanks to the waistband pocket on these leggings as well, which can contain your card, keys, or a cell phone; you can leave your handbag at home when you go out.



Lululemon has a complete line of women’s wear. They have many different kinds of color choices and materials. Lululemon has vast varieties of men’s wear, shoes, accessories as well.

And who hasn’t heard of Lululemon Studio, they have that too.


Once those soft leggings are on, is it really worth it? Let me know what you think and why you think it’s worthwhile or not.

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