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Most fashion brands have already released their ready to wear SS23 collections, and fashion lovers everywhere have some pieces already added to cart. Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel, Chloe, Isabel Marant, and many other designers have showcased their exceptional SS23 collections, and here are the spring/summer 2023 fashion trends to watch out for.

Top spring/summer 2023 fashion trends from the runways

As top fashion brands release their ready to wear SS23 collections, there are many notable themes recurring throughout these collections. In the last few seasons, we have seen numerous fashion lovers embracing the bling and logo frenzy of the early 2000s as well as apocalyptic avant-garde styles with Balenciaga right in the middle.

Most trends usually evolve into better versions from season to season, so for SS23, what trends will be progressing? Recently, we have been on a MC-bling era, with the return of low-rise jeans and bagettes. As fashion continues to evolve, there might be a shift/update to a more grunge Y2K version. Here are some trends you might see more of in SS23.

1.  Grunge

The 90s were the peak of grunge fashion. The Y2K trend might be here for a while, but you should expect to see a shift in aesthetic with more moody, dark colors, and grunge inspired makeup.

2. Back to basics

Maximalism has taken the spotlight for a while now, with people embracing chunky jewelry, over the top accessories, and bold colors. For instance, from the Isabel Marant runway, the SS23 collection is bringing back the staples, but with a twist in design. Expect to see contrasts in stitching, asymmetric necklines, and deconstructed tops.

3. Sheer dresses

Sheer dresses are being elevated from beach cover ups to every-day outfits, especially for girls who like risqué fashion. While most may think sheer dresses are risky, there is a creative aspect that comes in when styling the sheer dress without fear of wardrobe mishaps. They can be worn over sexy lingerie or as statement silhouettes and embellishments.

4. Dress over pants

Unexpected layering combinations are about to take over the fashion pages. There is a large amount of dresses to choose from. Based on your aesthetic, you can come up with a completely different look multiple times. Whether it’s pairing a long tunic dress with trousers or wearing a bralette and denim under a netted dress, you have numerous styling options.

The SS23 trends are exciting, but the most exciting part will be seeing how people play around with their wardrobe and the mini-trends that will come as a result of this creativity. For SS23, we’re hoping to see a lot of repair and reparations, with a more fashionable and sustainable fashion crowd.

What's your style for SS23? Let me know in the comments below.

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