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Professional Life

At one of the America’s largest Fortune 100 companies in the world, Talha Sakrani travels across to manage projects for the international corporate office. Talha worked hard for his career and continues to do so. Talha is professionally certified for project management. Moreover, he is an active volunteer in social work, especially for the rights of women and children.

Talha excelled in school. He always took his academics very seriously. After completing his assignments, he assisted his friends with whatever difficulties they were encountering. Talha has always been a social mammal. He is well-known for being kind to each individual and being attractive, both physically and intellectually. He has also been a terrific social worker at the institution and a really happy person with an X factor naturally.

Mr. Scott, C., Doctor of Education (EdD)

I have worked with him, and he was very conscientious in his duties. He tried his best to achieve it, and he always did. He's a very intelligent young man who is self-taught in multiple areas, and all of us in our office have learned many things about which we were unsure after working for years. He's unbelievably tech genius, and I've never seen a person with a heart of gold. Talha Sakrani is a person to be! We were fortunate to come across him.

Johnathon Q. (Director)

Blues About Entertainment Biz

By Talha Sakrani

Site Author of TalhaSakrani.com

I thought of TV, movies, music, modeling, or even owning a production house. I started composing music, modeling, and creating my own unique style of editing. I wanted to be there, but I wondered and daydreamed about it. I got even more tempted when my friends and parents said I should do it. It was the genesis of my life, but I was so caught up in multiple things that I could not start my journey. Suddenly, I realized that I should keep my social media accounts public and start tagging when I post. My social platforms became flush with my content, and I started to have followers in less than a month. I received my first offer from a modeling agency in 2022 for an audition in less than a year, but I couldn’t participate due to my work and other responsibilities. I thought to myself, “I wanted to break into the entertainment industry all my life, and when I got an offer, I was not able to.” Otherwise, if I were selected, I would be modeling in TV commercials, magazines, Netflix, and HULU, and most importantly, I would have achieved my dream. I will still achieve my dream, and I do recommend it to everyone. I believe in living freely and in equality, and that’s why we should have the right to know our rights and the freedom to live by them. We should live on our own terms and listen to what we would like to achieve.

Talha has a great personality with a soft heart. He likes to help people without any expectations. He's the kind of man that you will see with true love and sincerity. His best part is that he has a great sense of humor which can easily make people laugh. He will always do his best to make someone else's day better if he notices they are having a difficult day. Moreover, he's a hard-working person with immense talent in multiple genres. He's a person that could only be seen with such a vast set of skills across the board.

An Unbelievable Gentleman!

Talha's best buddy,
Abhi Shek


Talha is dependable, self-assured, diligent, and a strong communicator. Talha is knowledgeable about the state of technology nowadays. He is a good observer, self-motivated, and a self-learner, among other skills. He has always been highly inventive. He would create models and do amazing sketches, both of which were greatly admired. For the educational work, he received various accolades. He was an extremely athletic child who enjoyed playing sports, riding his bike with his buddies, roller blading, long walks, and working out in the gym. He was very interested in learning new things through reading nonfiction, but he also enjoyed reading fiction.

He loved to design and develop apps and websites for which he would get books and studied them on his own. Talha, always had a good taste of music. There was a time he wanted to learn to play guitar, but unfortunately he did not get a chance to do so. Later, he learned how to compose music as well as he’s excellent in DJing. He is a great writer and has an extraordinary expression which makes the reader develop a scene in mind. He is a very kind and compassionate person. Talha is renowned for being amiable, humorous, and supportive. For his qualities, he is adored by everyone. He has always received accolades from all of his professors and teachers, as well as from his neighbors, for being extremely intelligent, polite, and honest. Many people hold Talha in high regard, and youngsters especially adore him. Talha is driven and passionate about promoting human and animal rights in particular.

Talha also believes in moderation in all aspects of life and does not like to interfere with anyone’s personal life. He is broad minded and believes that each individual whether man or woman, girl or boy should be given the freedom to spend their lives according to their vision. He believes that as an adult a person knows what is good from bad. Talha does not like to criticize anyone for a different perspective.

He has a good heart and enjoys lending a hand to those in need. He enjoys staying current with modern trends. He enjoys modeling and is well-versed in fashion, which particularly dazzles everyone. He is proficient in both photography and videography. His love of nature helps him take the awesome pictures and videos anytime.

As a professional, he always performs his duties well. He goes far and beyond the set expectations. His teammates hold him in the highest regard.


Shakir & Waheeda Sakrani

Parents of Talha Sakrani

Site Author of TalhaSakrani.com