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Welcome back, fashion lovers! This is your fashionista, Talha Sakrani from talhasakrani.com, Men’s and Women’s Fashion Blog.

This time I have for you a new blog of fashion tips. 

Now is the turn of women. In the last blog, we talk about the latest trends for men, so now it’s time to count the latest women’s fashion trends from spring-summer 2022. 

We still have a few weeks left to enjoy the summer, so let’s take advantage of these days to make the most of our look and our wardrobe before entering the new WOMEN’S FASHION TRENDS trends of the fall-winter season on the catwalks. 

This year we saw on the catwalks a clear return to the fashion of the 2000s, intense colors and combinations that we thought would never be fashionable again. With a wide variety, this spring-summer season allows all women to find the style they like best. 

So let’s start with the review of the latest women’s fashion trends 2022

Read this article to the end that I will tell you the most authentic and popular women’s fashion trends this year. From colors, textures and shapes. After this article, you will know everything about this fashion season.

Colors and patterns

This time let’s start with the colors. If I liked something about this spring-summer season for women, it’s the colors! Bright and bold colors dominate the scene, leaving behind the classic and boring tunes. 

Let’s see what colors dye this season. 

Neon Green 

Fluorescent tones are again placed on all the catwalks, and this time Neon Green is the king of women’s trends. 

Which green specifically? It seems that the rule this season is as acidic as possible. In that sense, lime green has dominated the scene. We saw it, for example, on the Versace catwalks with absolutely green attire, from the glasses to the shoes. But Versace wasn’t the only one to make lime green the star of its catwalks; Valentino, Badgley Mischka and Naem Khaan were part of the trend.

Pink or Bimbocore 

If the pink aesthetic has been so popular on social media, much is due to the return of Bimbocore, the fashion that takes up the histrionic pink outfits. The tone? Your favorite! All shades of pink play in this trend that has been gaining ground for a while.

Shine with Sequins

This season was undoubtedly characterized by glitter and glamour, making everyone shine. Not only bright and vivid colors take over the catwalks, but sequins were also part of them, in case you thought that this season was still missing something flashy. 

From tops, blouses, hats, and pants, we saw all the sequined garments in the latest catwalks with proposals such as Loewe, Valentino and Rodarte, with the Michael Kors dresses in silver sequins being the favorites of the season. 

So if you can’t decide which sequin piece you want to incorporate into your wardrobe, the suggestion is definitely a dress.


Of course, if there is something we love about the spring-summer seasons, it is the sexy clothes that we can wear while we can still enjoy the sun. And for this season, open fabrics and transparencies that let the skin shine are the protagonists. 

Whether in skirts or blouses, transparencies with flower decorations or of course glitter are a trend this season. So leave your shyness for autumn-winter and take advantage of the fact that this season glamour is combined with sexy.

Now that you know what tones and materials are the trends for this spring summer 2022 season, let’s move on to the combinations and cuts for this season.

The catsuits

And to start we have the Catsuit again. Yes, I know, it is not the most comfortable garment for many and finding one that fits us well is not the easiest task. But the trend of wearing jumpsuits or catsuits has its advantages. Firms such as KNWLS, Marine Serre, and Balmain, among many others, have shown that catsuits can be very versatile, making them look elegant when combined with heels, or casuals if worn with sandals or tennis 

The new? As you may have already noticed, this season is for the daring, so in the catsuit, we see transparencies again, sequins, but above all the cut-out trend stands out, with asymmetrical openings. 

If this is too much for you, black and flowers are the most discreet version for this season.

The fringes

Of course, in this fashion review for women’s fashion 2022, fringes could not be missing. 

We began to see them in the 2021/2022 fall-winter season and their acceptance was so great that we now have the summer version. 

And what is the summer version? During the last catwalks, we saw fringes on jackets, blouses and dresses, but without a doubt, the new thing in terms of fringes is short skirts with long fringes.

Dresses with pants are back 

The retro trend of the 2000s continues in fashion and in street style, dresses combined with pants continue to gain ground. Are you afraid that your combination will not achieve that street style effect? 

Don’t worry, this season we saw this combination with any kind of dress; short, long, closed and open. 

In any case, if you are looking for fashion tips to use this combination, these are the two that you should keep in mind this season: 

1) Cowboy Jeans are the best to combine with dresses 

2) Don’t forget it’s summer! Let your skin shine and you’ll be getting the winning combination.


Of course, miniskirts could not be missing from this list. And since they returned we have not stopped seeing them in fashion magazines and among the best dressed celebrities. 

Following the edgy summer trend, miniskirts have lived up to their name with really short versions. So it’s time to explore and show your body, take out of the closet those skirts that you no longer used because you considered them too short, and wear them before the end of summer!

The blazers in XL

At the extreme of the miniskirts, we find the Blazers, which during this season we saw them in extra large sizes. With traditional cuts and wide shoulder pads, this season they appear as the perfect piece to counter short and daring garments. 

As you are probably already imagining, a wide Blazer with a miniskirt is the best combination you could have this summer. To give you a good idea of what type of Blazer to wear, run to see the collections of Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and of course, Prada.

Wide Pants

Wide pants seem will not go away in a while. Whether it’s jeans, formal, or even sport and leggings, width is the key for this season. The fall in bell continues to be the trend.

Well, now you know everything you need to end this spring-summer season with all the styles of fashion trends. 

Do not miss the next edition of this blog to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and tips so that you always look spectacular, anywhere.

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Howdy, this is Talha Sakrani from talhasakrani.com, The Men’s and Women’s Fashion Blog. I’m writing about the Women’s Top 8 Trending Colors of this year, 2022.

Each new year, the fashion industry features select colors that end up defining the trends to follow. Certain color pallets typically accompany each of the seasons and correlate to the seasonal collections that are released. Warmer seasons like spring and summer will feature brighter, more vibrant colors, while cooler months like fall and winter feature moodier, darker colors. An interesting phenomenon has emerged with these colors as well. Luxury designers are beginning a new kind of color trend: Claiming colors as their own. Top designers like Louboutin, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, and many others are honing in on one specific shade to become associated with their brand. These colors are unsurprisingly topping the charts for color trends of the year. Below are our findings for the highest trending colors for the year 2022.

Model wearing all the trending colors of 2022 – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women
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Trending Colors 2022 – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women
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Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women


The top trending color of the year gives a bright and dramatic pop to runway outfits seen by designers like Alexander McQueen and Versace: hot pink, specifically fuchsia. This vibrant color called the attention of fashion critics, who in turn placed this highest on the list of color trends for 2022. And it makes sense, seeing as we are witnessing the comeback of trends reminiscent of the 2000s. Bright colors are one of the most recognizable aspects of this earlier time period, and as a result, we are seeing the same pallets reemerge but in a nuanced way. Similarly, the world of fashion was in need of a happy-inducing color pallet to break through the gloomier two years of the pandemic. Fuchsia provides exactly this with its bubbly, energetic influence.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
Model wearing fuchsia color – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women
Nida Sakrani
Surprised fashionable woman with two hair buns has stunned expression wears trendy pink sunglasses dressed in periwinkle clothes – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women


Although periwinkle didn’t end up being the top color of the year as it was originally predicted to be, it did make the list of the most popular colors featured in fashion this year. Designers like Fendi and Valentino were the first to feature this calming color in their collections for the year. Periwinkle has been featured in a variety of pieces such as matching sets, coats, and skirts. More mainstream and affordable brands are featuring color on pieces like tank tops, heels, and hair accessories. This unique shade can be seen on both men and women, making it a versatile and relatable color to wear.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
Model in a long luxurious dress posing on the catwalk on the roof against the background of the cities skyscrapers – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women

Kelly Green

The brand Bottega Veneta has done an incredible job snagging this vibrant color and associating it with their brand. When fashion followers see this shade, it becomes almost immediately associated with their designer purses that have taken the industry by storm this year. Kelly Green is a shade that represents youthfulness and elegance, which is a unique and challenging-to-acquire combination. The shade prominently stands out and is most often seen in shoes, handbags, and coats. Although it is obviously seen in high fashion, it has also made its way to mid-level designers. Some particular brands showcasing this color are Banana Republic, Anthropology, and Alo.

Talha Sakrani
Fashion portrait of a charming girl dressed in a green suit – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women
Model posing in bright orange wardrobe – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women

Bright Orange

This loud shade has burst its way onto the high fashion scene in a big way. Bright orange is known for its dramatic, vibrant, and eye-catching features. Designers like Michael Kors, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior included this color in their recent collections. Not only did they include the color, but they also made it the focal point of their pieces. This means entirely bright orange ensembles that demand attention. This can be a difficult color to adorn due to its lack of compatibility with many other shades, but paired with white, cream, or black, it can easily elevate the most simple of outfits.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
Young girl in a lilac cloth on a tropical beach – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women
Female model poses in fashionable clothes from the spring-summer collection. Full length studio portrait – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women


Purple is a color that is reminiscent of royalty. It provides the illusion of class, sophistication, and pure elegance. Because of this, it is easily understood why a shade of purple made its way to the top trending colors of the year. Lilac, specifically, is a shade that blends easily with more dramatic colors or neutrals. Its versatility makes it an obvious choice for A-list celebrities and high fashion designers. Seen in collections by Miu Mui, Gucci, and Stella McCartney, this stunning color is paving the way for a long-lasting spot on the color trend list.

Crisp White

Representing a rebirth, it should come as no surprise that crisp white is topping the charts for trending shades in 2022. Following the previous two years of the pandemic, the reopening of countries and the ability to attend in-person functions such as runway fashion shows call for a clean, neutral, and elegant shade. Designers like Chanel, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent keep this shade in their collections year after year. This year, a large host of top designers have made crisp white a focus point of their collections. As a result, we are seeing white infiltrate all areas of fashion, and we don’t expect it to go anywhere anytime soon.

Talha Sakrani
Girl in white top leaning to yellow color grill – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women
Talha Shakir Sakrani
Horizontal cropped body image of beautiful slim woman in beautiful yellow skirt – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women

Soft Yellow

Yellow tends to be an elusive color that typically misses the top of the charts for fashion trends. It is often considered a spring color, thanks in part to its association with the Easter holiday. This year, soft yellow has joined the powerful colors on the trending list and has made a name for itself with designers like Bottega Veneta and Chanel. One of the traits of this shade that makes it versatile is its ability to err on the neutral side. A very soft yellow can pair easily with denim, brown, or black. It allows for dynamic choices in both handbags and accessories while maintaining a muted tone that doesn’t draw much attention. For these reasons, soft yellow can be considered a staple choice for 2022.

Talha Sakrani
Holding a yellow bag with white dress – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women
Nida Sakrani
Model in trendy yellow – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women
Model smiling in modern multi color sunglasses, yellow dress, and grey shoes – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men & Women

Chocolate Brown

Louis Vuitton has done an incredible job at making brown a recognizable color for their brand. Although this luxury designer is easily considered timeless, they have emerged at the top of the desired trends for 2022. And as a result, chocolate brown has infiltrated the fashion scene in handbags, accessories, and apparel. This rich color is perfect for a fall evening but can also be warmed up by adding a colorful piece to tailor to spring weather. Because of its versatility, we expect chocolate brown to stick around through 2023 as well.

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Talha Shakir Sakrani
Futuristic Fashion – Listing to Music

In this blog I will explain about Pop Music and Its Influence on Fashion. Fashion and music are ever-changing industries with much more in common than some may think. Both considered forms of self-expression, these art forms commingle in many ways. Pop Music and Its Influence on cultural trends, including fashion, can be witnessed consistently throughout history. As styles of music have shifted through the years, fashion trends have acted as a mirror reflecting these changes. Current trends are a reflection of the most famous artists and their unique styles. Pop music, specifically, has had a massive impact on how fashion has evolved and continues to evolve today.

Think of your favorite pop artist and you’re likely to be able to envision them easily. You can see their face, hair, and style, all of which make them uniquely recognizable. This is no coincidence. Music artists work hard to portray a specific representation that ties directly to their music. Because of this, fans of their music are likely to emulate the parts
of their style that they enjoy most.

A great example of this is Lady Gaga and her eclectic yet relatable style. Her wardrobe consists of loud and vibrant pieces that leave the media talking about her more often than not. Her incorporation of accessories that accentuate her outfits has brought back trends like oversized sunglasses, brightly colored purses, and even gloves. The ability to have widespread influence on fashion trends is just one way in which pop music artists contribute to today’s culture.

Lady Gaga is just one example of a pop artist that has altered fashion trends in the current decade. Here are some more vivid examples of pop music’s influence on the industry today:


Headwear trends are one of the most frequently changing areas of fashion and are heavily influenced by music videos, paparazzi photos, and interviews. Trends have even shifted towards a seemingly anti-hat movement, in which we have gone months at a time without seeing any artists rocking hats of any style. Currently, artists like Dua Lipa and Justin Bieber have not only brought back hats but have been spotted wearing them on red carpets as well. One example of this is Justin Bieber and his neon pink beanie at the 2022 Grammys. Dua Lipa, on the other hand, has been spotted wearing a bucket hat on many occasions, which originated in the 90s era. These bold choices did not go unnoticed and further fueled the retro-inspired trends that have been making their way back onto the scene.


Designer brand purses have always been a go-to for successful music artists because
of their ability to influence. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, and others offer their
bags to celebs due to their ability to be photographed with them. Because of this, designer purses are almost always on-trend. Right now, trends are shifting toward vintage designer bags thanks to the influence of artists like Beyonce and Taylor Swift. A heavy focus on sustainability (thanks in part to climate change) has prompted music artists to reduce, reuse, and recycle. This means seeking out vintage purses that are no longer made. In addition to the sustainability aspect, these purses are also highly desirable due to their exclusivity. Bags that are no longer made are valued much higher than ones being mass-produced right now. This trend is especially beneficial for the planet, which makes it likely to last for quite a while. Technology is one of the few areas likely to suffer from trends such as this. The invention of devices that can rapidly produce mass amounts of products is in increasingly lower demand as A-list music artists preach the importance of sustainability. Even so, it’s likely technology will pivot and find a way to join in on this planet-conscious movement.


Artists like J-Lo have a knack for bringing back trends that were once big during their prime in the 90s and 2000s. Current trends are geared toward a modern-influenced yet retro vibe, which means oval-shaped, boldly colored, and futuristic styles are what we’re seeing. Styles like aviators and wayfarers are back and better than ever with jazzed-up elements that make them nostalgic yet unique. One of J-Lo’s most popular music videos, Jenny From The Block, shows her in oversized glasses with a thick frame. She was spotted out recently wearing similar glasses, even though this music video was released in 2002. This “style recycle” influences fans of hers from this earlier time period, as well as now, to bring out their older sunglasses which catapults into a full-blown trend.


In contrast to recent years, when simplicity and minimalism were the goals for red carpet dresses, bold and daring statement pieces have become the new trend. Artists like Billie Eilish and Lizzo have wowed onlookers at recent events with their unique and frankly eccentric dress choices. Billie showcased a vintage 1920s-inspired look featuring a corset-style bodice at the Met Gala this year, while Lizzo sported a purple see-through mesh dress that wowed. As a result, fashion trends have shifted in this direction as well. You will see far more daring choices being marketed on fashion websites like Revolve, FRWD, and even Nordstrom. This fearless expression of personality from artists has paved the way for the rest of the population to take some bolder fashion risks as well.

As pop music continues to evolve, the fashion industry is sure to follow closely behind. Although this genre consistently offers upbeat, relatable, and energetic tunes, it continues to shift in ways that introduce us to new ideas and imagery. As a result, these two entities work hand-in-hand in shaping the cultural trends we know and love.

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