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Most fashion brands have already released their ready to wear SS23 collections, and fashion lovers everywhere have some pieces already added to cart. Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel, Chloe, Isabel Marant, and many other designers have showcased their exceptional SS23 collections, and here are the spring/summer 2023 fashion trends to watch out for.

Top spring/summer 2023 fashion trends from the runways

As top fashion brands release their ready to wear SS23 collections, there are many notable themes recurring throughout these collections. In the last few seasons, we have seen numerous fashion lovers embracing the bling and logo frenzy of the early 2000s as well as apocalyptic avant-garde styles with Balenciaga right in the middle.

Most trends usually evolve into better versions from season to season, so for SS23, what trends will be progressing? Recently, we have been on a MC-bling era, with the return of low-rise jeans and bagettes. As fashion continues to evolve, there might be a shift/update to a more grunge Y2K version. Here are some trends you might see more of in SS23.

1.  Grunge

The 90s were the peak of grunge fashion. The Y2K trend might be here for a while, but you should expect to see a shift in aesthetic with more moody, dark colors, and grunge inspired makeup.

2. Back to basics

Maximalism has taken the spotlight for a while now, with people embracing chunky jewelry, over the top accessories, and bold colors. For instance, from the Isabel Marant runway, the SS23 collection is bringing back the staples, but with a twist in design. Expect to see contrasts in stitching, asymmetric necklines, and deconstructed tops.

3. Sheer dresses

Sheer dresses are being elevated from beach cover ups to every-day outfits, especially for girls who like risqué fashion. While most may think sheer dresses are risky, there is a creative aspect that comes in when styling the sheer dress without fear of wardrobe mishaps. They can be worn over sexy lingerie or as statement silhouettes and embellishments.

4. Dress over pants

Unexpected layering combinations are about to take over the fashion pages. There is a large amount of dresses to choose from. Based on your aesthetic, you can come up with a completely different look multiple times. Whether it’s pairing a long tunic dress with trousers or wearing a bralette and denim under a netted dress, you have numerous styling options.

The SS23 trends are exciting, but the most exciting part will be seeing how people play around with their wardrobe and the mini-trends that will come as a result of this creativity. For SS23, we’re hoping to see a lot of repair and reparations, with a more fashionable and sustainable fashion crowd.

What's your style for SS23? Let me know in the comments below.



Bella Hadid has trended the talk of Paris Fashion Week 2022. After having a “magical” white garment spray-painted on her while walking the runway.

Following their appearance at the Coperni fashion show on Friday, The 25-year-old supermodel and her DIY latex garment gained notoriety on September 30th.



If a fashion designer desires to be “experimental” in 2022, they might show a collection in the metaverse. Allow NFT purchases to access their most recent accessory release, or print a QR code on a show invitation that gives you cryptocurrency. You can use it to buy a digital shoe for your avatar somewhere.


Back in the 1990s, when a performance was referred to as “experimental,” it appeared to be Alexander McQueen spinning a flailing Shalom Harlow on a wooden turntable. Two spray-painting robots painted her multilayered, white-as-paper dress with neon-yellow and black paint while it was fastened to her chest with a belt. Everyone who was present remembers the audience at that spring 1999 show. They all noticed him pushing forward and gaping in shock when Harlow came with black paint dripping from her collarbones.

TRENDING Bella had a dress spray-painted


It was one of the most famous fashion moments in history, and everyone was talking about it in Paris. Not because Shalom Harlow is having a runway renaissance, though she is, by the way! Bella wore an outfit on her body with Fabrican. A substance from a can that solidifies into wearable fabric, to close the Coperni Spring 2022 fashion presentation. The event honored “women of this world.” In the show notes, designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillan wrote, “To you, women who transcend your body and never lower your gaze before the barbed wire of morality.”

Bella’s dress was not ready until the middle of the show, when audience members got to see the dress being made in front of their very own eyes using a special spray.

The great idea to mix fashion and contemporary technology to create history. At this year’s Paris Fashion Week 2022 came from the creators of the Coperni fashion business. This is the first time in fashion show history that such an idea has been used.

Manel Torres, PhD, the creator of the spray-on fabric, and the other experts surrounded Hadid as the fashion show was held in the Salle des Textiles at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris. Bella was standing on the runway in nothing, but her lingerie and high heels when specialists started snow-spraying her.

Designer Arnaud Vaillant gave a statement to fashion magazine in which he said: “We wanted to dedicate this moment to Dr. Torres because we greatly admire what he does. We thought it was essential that he direct the performance since, in our opinion, it adds to the magic.”


When Bella Hadid walked out of the runway wearing a tight, asymmetrical white dress, the audience members’ mouths were undoubtedly open. It was difficult to see anyone’s face behind their phone in classic 2022 fashion. Moreover, the event was more of a spectacle than a statement on anything. Within seconds, the image had spread across Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Bella Hadid is the chosen model at this time. And now, fashionistas have a brand new moment to iterate over.

men wearing blank hoodie


Hoodies are a must-have for your fall 2022 look book. The ESSENTIALS hoodie and all of its many trendy styles will be the focus of this second article this week.

Your comfy clothing has endless styling possibilities. As we move away from the day-to-day pandemic outfits, it’s time to upgrade to more refined styling. The Fear of God Essentials by Jerry Lorenzo pieces are the perfect combination of elegance and style. The brand made its debut in 2018, and since then, it has continued to offer frequent drops at more reasonable prices to fashion enthusiasts. The ESSENTIALS hoodie is simple, with a relaxed fit that is focused on comfort. The ESSENTIALS branding enriches this hoodie, and the styling options are endless.

For fall 2022, fans of Fear of God are being drawn to ESSENTIALS by their largest collection since their debut. Streetwear lovers are still drawn to it because of its neutral color scheme, distinctive branding, and generous cuts. If you are seeking something more premium than fast fashion, the first ESSENTIALS collection for fall 2022 dropped on August 24, and the second drop was on September 28. You can dig into the seasonal fits for your fall 2022 look book with the ESSENTIALS hoodie.

Styling the ESSENTIALS hoodie

The ESSENTIALS hoodie is simple, and it comes in muted tones, making it incredibly versatile. To style the ESSENTIALS hoodie, you can easily play around with pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

1. Layer your ESSENTIALS hoodie for fall

The ESSENTIALS hoodie is a great layering piece for a day out. It elevates the cozy look while keeping you warm at the same time. Wear the hoodie over a simple tank or t-shirt, and then add an overcoat or jacket over the hoodie. Pair it with slim-fit jeans and a pair of your favorite trainers to complete the look.

2. Athleisure

With athleisure, comfort and cool go hand in hand. With the right tips, you can wear your ESSENTIALS hoodie without running the risk of looking like you were too lazy to change out of your gym gear. The ESSENTIALS hoodie has a softer and heavier fabric, which makes the fit sharper and cleaner. For a full athleisure look, pair your ESSENTIALS hoodie with fitted joggers and complete the look with leather joggers.

3. Bring out your leather jacket

The leather jacket elevates your ESSENTIALS hoodie for a stylish off-duty look. A black leather jacket with well-fitted jeans combined with suede Chelsea boots will smarten this look. You can experiment with different colors depending on your aesthetic.

4. Tailored suit

Rip up traditional look books by wearing your ESSENTIALS hoodie under an unstructured suit. This sports-meets-suit look works if you opt for lace-up sneakers instead of formal footwear. For a slightly less committed way to style your ESSENTIALS hoodie with smart pieces, try pairing the hoodie with tailored trousers and luxe sports sneakers.

Generally, the Essentials hoodie has a versatile design, and it comes in neutral colors that will complement most pieces that you already own.

Shakir Sakrani - models and black and white hoodies in studio


woman wearing yellow top talha sakrani


“The fashion industry is embracing the frame trend.”

-Talha Sakrani

Spectacles are a fantastic fashion trend right now

Sometimes we think that having to wear glasses can take points away from our appearance. But this does not have to be true at all. Wearing glasses can be an excellent excuse to use another incredible accessory that adds up to achieve our perfect style. 

Currently, frames are a great trend in the field of fashion. In recent years, they have ceased to be considered things for old people and have become part of the world and the cycles of fashion. Every year, designers focus more on glass frames, bringing out incredible models that, in addition to taking care of your vision, make you look fashionable. 

For this 2022, the fashion trends of glasses frames seek to accentuate the faces. But remember that the best glasses for you will be those that go best with the shape of your face and the color of your skin and hair. In addition, when choosing your glasses, you must make sure that they go according to your personality and style since you will wear them every day. 

If you are looking to renew your glasses, do not miss the information that I have below. I will tell you what the trends are for glasses frames this 2022.

Read on and dare to change your look, with new glasses that go with all your style! 

How to choose the perfect glasses frames? 

Before telling you about the latest fashion trends in glasses frames, review these tips to find out what type of frame is the one that best suits the shape of your face. Knowing this is a great starting point in this decision, and believe me, I know that sometimes it is difficult. 

For round faces: 

Round faces are those with a wide forehead, full cheeks, and rounded chin. That is, no remarkable lines and angles are visible. 

The best frames for this type of face are therefore those that contrast the natural curves of your face, to make it look slimmer and longer. 

For oval faces: 

Oval faces are characterized by balanced proportions, high cheekbones and a narrow chin.

These types of faces have no problem with most of the frame styles. The only thing you have to keep in mind if this is your case is to avoid altering the natural balance of your features. 

Look for glasses that are a little (but only a little) wider than the wide part of your face, and dare to experiment with shapes, colors and textures. 

For square faces: 

If your face is more square, that is, with a prominent jaw, angular features and a wide forehead. The square faces have very marked angles, especially in the jaw. 

You will have to look for glasses that contrast with your face, that do not have angles, but curves. The curves will help your face look elongated. Round and oval-shaped frames are your things. 

Trends of women’s fashion glasses frame 2022 

Well, now that you know what type of glasses goes best with your face, it’s time to review what are the latest trends in women’s fashion glasses frames, so you can choose the most fashionable glasses that go with your personality and style.

Classic Cats Eyes 

Let’s begin with a classic, which is undoubtedly the star of the moment. Cat eye glasses. 

This form of glasses is present almost in all seasons, and there is a good reason for it. It is very easy for this type of lens to go well with almost all types of faces. 

Their triangular tips stylize the face of those who use them, highlight the arches of the eyebrows and give an appearance of sensuality and elegance.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
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Acetate Frames Pastel Colors 

For some seasons now, we have seen glasses with invisible frames gain ground. They are characterized by having thin but large frames. Which gives a great opportunity to choose a color that looks thanks to these characteristics, and pastel tones are the trend of this moment. Especially blue and pink. 

We can see this tendency in different brands such as Prada, Arnette, Emporio Armani, Oliver Peoples and Tiffany & Co.

Talha Shakir
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion Blog

Thick and Dark Frame

At the other extreme of the trends of the moment, we have thick frame glasses in dark colors. 

If your style is geek chic rocker, these types of glasses are what you are looking for. Several Hollywood stars have already taken it upon themselves to destigmatize this type of “nerdy” glasses to transform them into the latest trend. Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow are one of those stars. 

You can choose between shades, black, grey, brown and blue. It is important that for thick-framed glasses, you take into account the shape of your face and the frame. Remember that angular styles go better with round faces and vice versa.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion Blog

Vintage Style Aviators

If your style is more like an urban rocker, and you love, like all fashion lovers, vintage-style aviator frames. I have good news, this season they are trending back!

Also, when we talk about prescription lenses to improve vision, this type of cut is one of the best options, since they offer wide uninterrupted fields of vision, so depending on the vision impairment you have, they could be the best for you. 

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion Blog

Colorful Frames

For the most mischievous and fashion divas, colorful Frame glasses are almost an obligatory accessory closet. The trend of color and brightness has also spread to glasses. 

The best thing about this trend is that the colors are not limited, you can choose the one you like best and go with your skin and hair tone. In addition, you can also find them in various forms, which will help you find the right one for the shape of your face. 

A trend that will make you look super youthful, even if you think you are not so youthful anymore.

Talha Sakrani
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For women, who are more of a fashion but elegant style, there is always the option of Tortoiseshell glasses. While Tortoiseshell sunglasses have been a classic for several years now, Tortoiseshell lovers can now use them on their prescription lenses. 

This type of lens combines the classic, the elegant and the fashion, and to show this you only need to see Jennifer Anniston, one of the best-dressed women in Hollywood, (and of course, we love her in this blog).

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male fashion model wearing yellow jacket and shining scarf


Welcome to Talha Sakrani's fashion blog!

Fashion Trends for Men in jersey and coats

As you may have noticed, if you are in the northern part of the planet, we do not lack too much for the climate to begin to cool. In just a few weeks, fall will be here, and we fashionistas know what that means. Season change!

The change of season is the perfect excuse to acquire new clothes for our wardrobe. And when it comes to autumn, the first thing to look for is something to compensate for the cool weather and, at the same time, add some fashion to our outfits to look great.

That’s the amazing part about fall fashion-wise. Autumn gives us the opportunity to refresh our outfits by adding an extra piece of clothing to cover us a little more. And this allows us to add a fashion touch even to our most casual looks.

So if you want to achieve that effect this fall, don’t miss the rest of this blog because I’m going to tell you all about the next trends in that extra garment for this fall 2022.

Take a look at what we’ll be seeing in the world of men’s fashion this fall 2022. We tell you about the latest trends: long-sleeved polo shirts, lightweight jumpers and thicker pieces with which your looks for the coming season will be complete.

Sweatshirts and Jerseys

The first allies for the fall season are sweaters and jerseys. In autumn, these become the key pieces of our outfits. So we must carefully choose our new acquisitions for each season.

This fall 2022, the latest trends for men, mainly point to the 90’s. It seems that the path of retro continues, not exactly in chronological order. But ultimately, retro is today’s.

The designs for jerseys and sweatshirts for this fall have quite simple nineties designs. without the bold prints that we saw during the summer. On the contrary, neutrality seems to be the distinctive feature of this fall’s 2022.


Fashionable men’s jerseys this fall 2022 will be worn with a turtleneck, wrap-around neck, or crew neck. This may be the least nineties mood of this season, but without a doubt, we already saw this trend a few years ago.

Knitted garments are also advancing. The cable knit will take over outerwear for the coming season. We will also see closed braided fabrics. The advantage of knitted garments is that they are perfect for any occasion. It is never a waste to buy one.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
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As for the sweatshirts, it is easy to identify which ones are the trend for this season. The rule is to buy the sweatshirts with the most ninety look you can find. Hoods are not present this season. So take that into account to guide you. Large but simple prints and spaciousness are the best for this season.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
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Polo shirts go perfect with jeans and loafers for a semi-formal look. Like with Jerseys, what distinguishes this season is leaving out V-necks. Buttons come back this fall 2022, but make sure you don’t button them all up.

This type of polo will improve all your looks to go to the office.

Talha Shakir Sakrani

Coats and Jackets

Maybe it’s too much right now to wear a coat or a jacket. But it does not hurt to know which  are the  characteristics  trends of this fall 2022.

The Leather Jacket

Leather or leather effect jackets are always a key piece for our coolest autumn looks. On this occasion the biker type jackets will be the protagonists. What identifies this type of Jacket is a bit of exuberance. Zippers and buttons are always visible.

Width will also be important this season, so you may want to consider buying a size larger than you normally wear.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.com Fashion Blog

Bomber Jacket

If you, like me, love bomber jackets, you’re in luck. We are going to see them a lot this season. So run to buy yours now!

Remember that the trend is the nineties, so if you find a “collegiate” style bomber jacket it could be an excellent option.

But I also recommend the plain, zip-up bomber jacket in a dark color. This could become your favorite piece this fall, believe me. Another detail that you can take into account are the cuffs. Wide fists in a different color than the sweatshirt look amazing! The winning combination is a military green with wide black cuffs.

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comFashion Blog

Colors and Shades Fall 2022

Luckily for everyone, this season’s colors can be classified into two, which cover almost all tastes.

The first group are gray tones in all their scales.

What I find great! Dark colors are lucky for everyone. They add formality to all of our styles, and it’s easy to match them with the rest of our clothes.

Although gray is the protagonist, during this fall we will see all the dark colors, so a navy blue or an army green are also part of the fashion trend for men this fall 2022.

The second group is that of pastel colors. If sobriety is not your thing, and on the contrary you like color. Don’t worry, light colors are also part of this season.

Although we will not be seeing bright colors like during the summer. This fall, as usual, pastel tones and not bright ones will be used this season. As an exception, red will be present, which is also a trend this fall 2022.

fashion trends for men Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.com Fashion Blog

Well, now you know the most important thing about the fashion trend for your new acquisitions this season. So, the favorite moment has arrived. Time to go shopping for our sweaters and jackets!

Thank you for reading this blog. If you have any trends or fashion tips to share, contact me and let’s talk about fashion.

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The magical ability of men’s fashion accessories to enhance class and glamor can never be overemphasized. It is rather distasteful when people ignore these dress accessories, considered to be the essential tools for taking your style from the subpar to the apex of elegance.

Speaking of men’s fashion accessories, there are things you must always consider when making a choice. Some of them include; choosing a perfect color to blend with the cloth in question, opting for the right brand for better satisfaction, getting a good product design that fits well; and above all, you need to know how best to combine everything!

With the right information, you will have better luck elevating your style, which is why we have chosen to offer some insights on making better fashion statements with your fashion accessories. Below, you will find some ideas to help improve your game.


The first step is your understanding of the atmosphere surrounding the event in play. With so many outfits available, one might think that they could dress in any way they liked for all the events. For example, it’s inappropriate to dress in jeans and a t-shirt to an interview knowing that it’s an office environment and demands formal attire. Every occasion has it’s own peculiar demands, and you have to dress correctly to fit.


One way to create magic is by knowing the type of clothing you have set aside and pairing it with the perfect accessory. A semi-casual dress requires the combination of a pair of sneakers, a jacket, application of body scents, a wristwatch, a neck piece, any haircut of your choice, and, if it works for you, a baseball hat. On the other hand, if it is not casual, you have to pair it with less casual accessories.


Often times, you might be faced with an avalanche of options but lack an understanding of how to pick the right piece for your ensemble. You’re expected to make a perfect choice for every piece you choose, and it can be a puzzling thing to do. For events like party hangouts, family gatherings, etc., the style should be casual dressing. And in the light of men’s fashion accessories, the nature and pattern of your clothing will determine the specific variant of your shoes, wristwatch, neck piece, body fragrance, waist belt, fashion glasses, and the colors involved. 

Talha Shakir Sakrani
Model on a sidewalk – talhasakrani.comFashion Blog
Leather jacket with white t-shirt – talhasakrani.comFashion Blog

An outfit like a blue denim, white T-shirt, and a black or blue denim jacket is perceived to be simple and can be specifically matched with either a pair of brown Danner Bull Run Moc Toe shoes, black Bitflex boots, or any other similar alternative. The aim is to achieve a rugged and refined look while you maintain class and elegance. 

Talha Shakir Sakrani
Model holding a beads necklace – talhasakrani.comFashion Blog
Talha Sakrani
Wearing a necklace – talhasakrani.comFashion Blog
Talha Shakir Sakrani
Styles of necklace with sunshades – talhasakrani.comFashion Blog

While on that, you should also note that picking a random necklace might cause you to deviate from the intended effect. So, it is necessary to look out for beaded necklaces in particular, as they offer a more casual look than what you would get from a silver or gold chain. This necklace could either be in mixed colors or just a plain color, but since the choice of cloth is plain, pairing with a colorful necklace would be a great idea.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
Wearing a wrist watch, sunglasses – talhasakrani.comFashion Blog

Another important item in a man’s fashion accessories is a wrist watch. Wristwatches have a way of making a good impact on your overall appearance. And with so many types and designs of wristwatches in the market space, it can be confusing to categorically try to decipher which one is for the event. Watches come in either analog or digital form. A digital-faced wristwatch uses a screen to display time in numbers, while an analog-faced one appears in the minute hand, hourly hand, and often the seconds hand. We may find them in different designs like leather, rubber, chains, etc. More likely, digital watches come in rubber designs, which are suitable for casual or sports events, while the analog face types mostly appear in chains or leather, which are suitable for business and formal wear. 

Talha Sakrani
Man chilling outside – talhasakrani.comFashion Blog
Talha Shakir Sakrani
Fashion glasses with t-cap – talhasakrani.comMen & Women’s Fashion Blog
Model and his motor bike – talhasakrani.comFashion Blog

Fashion glasses offer a great way to improve your appearance. It may not be their loss; slipping on a nice pair of glasses can boost your appearance. It may not be their loss; slipping on a nice pair of glasses can boost your appearance immensely. There are various fashion glasses out there that provide a unique appearance for different occasions. We have sunglasses for people who do not like communicating with their eyes, wish to keep the sun away from their eyes, and for those who enjoy looking stylish. It is best for the summer and is a perfect choice for semi-formal and casual dressing. For a formal occasion, you should consider transparent designer glasses, particularly the rimless pattern. It’ll blend with any corporate outfit of your choice.

You must remember that your dressing is never complete without a body scent. This is where your identity as a fashion enthusiast stands out. Ideally, there are different fragrances for different events. For instance, at a romantic event, the right fragrance to wear as a man is a body cologne. This is because it is on the skin for maximum impact. Perfumes are rather harsh and can be harmful to the skin. If you’re headed to a wedding ceremony, a perfume is the perfect accessory.

Choosing the right men’s fashion accessories can be tricky and confusing, and you’ll  need to draw on your imagination and creative nous. This article is the perfect guide to push you a notch higher in your fashion journey.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
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The beauty of any outfit lies not only in the fabric or fit involved, but in the entire ensemble. To achieve elegance in a unique style, a dress is considered incomplete without an added fashion accessory. When you dress up and leave your accessories behind, it means you just made a meal without any spice.

men's jeans sizes - talha shakir


Thank you for visiting talhasakrani.com, Talha Sakrani's Men's and Women's Fashion Blog.

In this blog, I will explain how men’s jeans sizes work!

Long gone are the days when people frequented the mall to get their fashion fix. The shoppers of today utilize the convenience and versatility of e-commerce to buy all their fashion essentials. In fact, the eCommerce industry for clothing and apparel is projected to reach a value of $1 trillion by 2025. Yup, that’s trillion, with a T.

A big reason for this popularity is because online fashion retailers offer lenient return and exchange policies. So, you can buy with the confidence that your product will be exchanged in case you’re not satisfied with its fit.

Exchange policies are a literal godsend when it comes to men’s fashion jeans. You see, it’s
easy to get shirts, outerwear, and footwear online- what with their simple small, medium, and large sizing protocols. But buying jeans from an eCommerce store is where things get a little tough.

We can all agree that men’s jeans sizes are more complicated than they need to be, right? In fact, I’ve rarely ever seen the men’s fashion jeans of two different brands being sized the same. And, what’s up with the two numbers on the size tag? Why can’t it be as simple as shirt sizing?

Well, today, I’ll take you through a comprehensive guide to how men’s jeans sizes work and
how you can save yourself from the hassle of sending your jeans for an exchange just because you didn’t like their fit.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

How Does Men’s Jeans Sizes Work?

The size tag on men’s jeans gives you two numbers that are separated by an x. The number
before the x signifies the waist for which the jeans are made. The number after the x tells you the inseam length of the jeans. So, for example, a pair of jeans with the size 32 x 30 means they are designed for 32-inch waists and are 30-inch long at the inseam.

Two important things are of note here. Firstly, notice how I said the first number determines the waist for which the pants are made. You see, this is not the actual measurement of the jean’s waistband.

In fact, the difference between the first number and the actual length of the jean’s waistband can be up to 3 inches, depending on the fit and brand. Jeans are worn below the person’s natural waistline. Here, the body normally gets wider. So, jeans manufacturers design a longer waistband for that specific waist size.

If you’re unsure what your natural waist length is, here is a detailed guide on how you can
measure it.

The second thing of note here is the second number is a measurement of the pant’s inseam. This is the technical term for the distance between the jean’s crotch area and its bottom opening. In contemporary fashion, men wear jeans that reach just above their ankles. So, you can determine your ideal inseam length by measuring the distance between your upper thigh and your ankles. If you’re planning to do a cuff fold on your jeans, make sure you add 2 inches to the inseam. You see, cuffed jeans should never go above the ankle and a 2-inch cuff looks super.

If you’re planning to buy jeans from Europe, simply add 16 to your waist size to convert your US men’s jeans size to European men’s jeans size.

What are the Different Types of Jeans Fits for Men?

While the size tag of your jeans will tell you about its waist and length, you’ll need to check its fit guide to get a better idea of how well it’ll hug your hips and thighs. Men’s jeans sizes usually boast six types of fits:

Talha Shakir Sakrani
Model sitting holding his sunglasses – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men’s Fashion and Women’s Fashion

Skinny Fit

Unless a brand has a super-skinny fit, these will be the narrowest fitted jeans. Skinny jeans
will be like a second skin and hug both your thighs and legs.

Talha Sakrani
Model leaning on a wall folding hands wearing pair of jeans – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men’s Fashion and Women’s Fashion

Tapered Fit

A tapered fit is also known as a carrot fit. This is because just like a carrot, the jeans are
wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. You can expect about 1-2 inches of breathing
space towards the hips, while the jeans will tightly hug your calves and ankles.

Talha Sakrani
Jeans in style – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men’s Fashion and Women’s Fashion

Slim Fit

Slim-fit jeans offer the best of both worlds. They’re neither too tight nor too baggy. Offering a super smart fit, slim-fit jeans offer 1-2 inches of extra space throughout.

Talha Shakir
Sitting on a stool wearing socks – Talha Sakrani Fashion Blog For Men’s Fashion and Women’s Fashion

Regular Fit

Also known as a straight or classic fit, regular fit jeans are a little towards the baggy side of
things. They’ll normally offer 3-4 inches of room throughout the pant’s length.

Bootcut Fit

Bootcut fit jeans boast a smart fit towards the seat and they start to widen as you go down
the jean’s length. Their ankle is usually flared up to give that cowboy-like look.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
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Relaxed Fit

Finally, come relaxed-fit jeans. These are the baggiest jeans of any brand. Loose throughout, they almost look oversized. Make sure you wear an oversized tee or shirt over such pants to complement the look.

Final Thoughts

Getting jeans online can be tough. Their sizing is a lot more complicated than other types of
apparel and almost all brands make different types of jeans. Brands try to alleviate this
situation by offering generous return and exchange policies, but it still can be a hassle to get your jeans shipped out and wait for the return parcel. So, I hope my guide to men’s jeans sizes helps in this regard.

Thank you for reading this brief till the end. I would love to hear any misadventures you may have had regarding jeans sizes and getting the wrong size. See you in the comments

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Hi! Thanks for visiting my site; Talha Sakrani essential boots for men.

 I am Talha Sakrani and on this occasion, we will start to say hello to the autumn-winter season and begin to say goodbye to the spring-summer season. Don’t worry, we still have sunny days to enjoy, but as the cold months approach (at least on the north side of the earth) it’s time to think about our wardrobe, and of course, I think it’s never too early to be in trend. So this time we will talk about men’s trends footwear for this new season, and of course, which boots formen are essential for this year 2022.

In this article, I will talk about the boots that cannot be missing this season in your wardrobe. I will give you some outfit tips so you can combine your boots according to the occasion and I will tell you which are my top 5 favorite boot for men brands.

Keep reading and discover the latest trend in men’s boots 2022!

Styles and types of boots

Mountain boots

Mountain boots have managed to overcome their main market (campers and climbers) and immerse themselves in the world of fashion.

Undoubtedly, these types of boots are very comfortable and protective, which is why they began to be used outside of mountain activities.

Although his strong point is undoubtedly the casual outfit. The best thing about this type of boots is that they are very flexible to combine. They go perfect with shorts, Bermudas or denim pants, and they are practical for almost any occasion since they keep you comfortable and warm. Let’s say the hiking boots are winter tennis.

Tips for choosing the best hiking boots:
  • There is nothing better than investing in quality shoes.
  • Look for thick soles.
  • Heavy-duty ankle straps.
  • Padded linings and soles.

If you decide to add these boots to your wardrobe, I assure you that they will be great allies, so don’t skimp on buying ones that will have a long life.

Brogue boots

Surely you know this type of boots, but perhaps what you do not know is its origin. Brogue boots, characterized by holes in the front, were invented by farmers looking for a practical way to drain marshy water from their shoes while out in the fields.

Today, neither the materials with which they are made nor the holes in their appearance fulfil this function, on the contrary, they are totally decorative. This style of boot is excellent for a smart casual style, such as going to the office, or to dinner with friends.

Tips for wearing Brogue Boots:
  • Use them with the same clothes with which you use your brogue shoes.
  • To go to work, you can combine them with a suit or a shirt and give it a more formal look.
  • These types of boots look great with rocker chinos and a cable knit sweater.
  • If you are looking for a more casual and trendy style, rolled-up jeans, a white t-shirt and a leather jacket is the option.

As an extra fact, in this type of boots it is considered that the more holes it has, the more informal it is, and on the contrary, the few holes are the most elegant Brogue style.

You can find this type of boot in different shades, with dark brown and black being the most elegant, while light ones go better with casual styles.

Work boots

Hiking boots are not the only ones of this style that have passed from the world of sports and hard work to the world of fashion.

The practical and durable style of work boots has earned them a place in the wardrobe of many.

Today we can find work style boots with more aesthetic than work characteristics. For example, boots of this style but without the steel cap that is essential in a work setting.

However, some of its features are preserved, such as padded ankles, abundant padding, grippy soles and waterproof finishes.

It is precisely these characteristics that make them a great option for our winter outfits.

Undoubtedly the brand that has managed to revolutionize the use of these boots is Timberland. Their Yellow Boots have been making their way into the market for years and have already conquered several catwalks.

Tips to use:
  • Consider that you have to maintain a balance in your outfit when you use these boots, a style with joggers and a hoodie works well, but do not make it look too sporty.

Chelsea Boots

If I had to choose some essential boots for this year, without a doubt I would choose Chelsea boots. These types of boots have the advantage of looking spectacular in different styles.

They look smart in a suit and casual in skinny jeans and a leather jacket. The most difficult thing when choosing your Chelsea boots will be choosing the color.

If you are a lover of the classic, the black ones are the perfect option. But if you want to prioritize matching more of your outfits, browns and tans are great.

  • Suede Chelsea boots are beautiful, but you can only wear them in the fall, or if you live somewhere where it doesn’t rain or snow.
  • If you plan to make these types of shoes the stars of your wardrobe, rubber soles and elastic sides are the most comfortable.
  • You can find Chelsea boots with a pointed or round toe. The round one is of a much more casual style.

Top 5 best brands of Boots for men

What are the best boot brands? I get asked this question quite often. So after thinking about it, this is my TOP 5.

As I told you above, buying poor-quality shoes is the worst thing you can do. In the end, you will end up spending more money buying boots that will last you only a few months, than paying for quality boots for men that can last you years.

For the same reason, I always recommend choosing the footwear carefully. A good purchase is one that will last you and will not quickly go out of style.

So that you have a reference, these are some of my favorite brands, although, of course, they are not the only ones that have good quality and aesthetics.

  • Grenson
  • Timberland
  • of the church
  • UGG
  • Glutton

Which boots for men are you going to choose for this season?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to sign up for free subscription to learn more tips about fashion, brands and everything related to the latest trends for men and women.

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Hey there, I would like to thank all my visitors for supporting talhasakrani.com, Talha Sakrani Men’s and Women’s Fashion Blog. Today, I’ll be giving you some tips on how to keep the boots smelling fresh. I thought that this topic is very essential for each one of us since our feet are always in our shoes most of the day.

Let me just tell you that equal parts Practical and fashionable, boots have taken over the global footwear industry like a storm. Although elevating your style with the help of this footwear is the easy part, taking proper care of your boots isn’t exactly so simple. So, unless you want a stinky situation on your hands each time you take out your favorite boots, make sure you give this guide a read. In it, I’ll be taking you through everything you’ll need to know to take care of your boots and keep them smelling fresh.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

How to Get Rid of Boot Smell?

In case you’ve already got a pair of boots that reek, here are two ways you can get rid of the
bad odor in them:

The DIY Method

In the mood for some stink-smashing DIY?

Well, here are some at-home remedies to keep the boots smelling fresh:

Leave it to the UV Rays

Do you know UV rays are great at killing any fungi, bacteria, and odors? Now, before you go
about popping your boots in the sun, make sure you apply some UV protection to them. You
see, UV rays from the sun can actually damage leather and fade it. On the other hand, the
rays from a UVC lamp don’t cause any such damage. So, you can also use this device if
you’ve got one lying around the house.

Make Your Spray Bottle Your Best Friend

A single spray bottle should be filled with 40% water and 50% alcohol. Add a few drops of authentic essential oil, such lavender or lime, and thoroughly combine. Spray the mixture in both the shoe and the spot where you keep your footwear whenever you take them off.

The Wonder of Baking Soda

Baking soda is yet another household product that is great at thoroughly eliminating foul
odors. The way to go here is to fill up a sock with baking soda and leave it inside your stinky
boots overnight. Adding the sock into the mix here isn’t necessary. However, it’ll help slash
your clean-up time since getting rid of powder from your shoe’s insoles isn’t exactly a child’s

Go Commercial

If you’d rather just stick to commercial solutions to removing the bad odor from your boots, here are two things you can do:

Boot Cleaning Products

Although pricey, boot deodorizers are a sure-fire way of eliminating any sort of foul odor from your boots. They suck out any moisture buildup from the shoe and kill all those stinky bacteria. Most of them boast signature fragrances that leave your shoes smelling all fruity once you’re done spraying them. Just make sure you follow the instructional manual to the letter when using them. This will ensure you don’t end up ruining your expensive fashion boots.

New Insoles

If nothing’s really working in your quest of freshening up your old boots, consider getting new insoles. My advice here is to buy one from the manufacturer of your boots. But you can also opt for a third-party store if the original insoles cost quite a bit. In such a case, make sure you properly measure the insole to ensure the correct fit.

Tips to Keep Your Boots Smelling Fresh

Now that you know all about eliminating bad odors from your boots, here are five tips to
prevent your boots from stinking up in the first place:

Clean Feet are a Must

There’s a very high chance your dirty feet might end up stinking up your boots. So, make sure you properly wash them every day with soap. This will ensure any dead skin cells and odor-causing bacteria are killed.

Wear the Right Kind of Socks

While everyone knows that socks are essential when wearing any sort of footwear, you
should also think about the type of socks you wear. Anything made from cotton or synthetic
materials will probably absorb sweat instead of letting it evaporate. On the other hand, wool
and bamboo are great at wicking away moisture. So, consider socks made from these
materials when adorning a pair of boots.
Ditch the waterproof boots.

Unless you’re getting a pair of hiking boots, you’ll probably be better off getting non-waterproof boots. You see, waterproof shoes are all about preventing the transfer of moisture. This becomes a problem when you’re wearing everyday boots since your sweat will have no place to escape. As a result, odor-causing bacteria will start to grow inside your shoe and from there on out, it’s just stomach-churning stench.

Consider a Boot Dryer

An electronic gadget that dissipates heat to dry out boots does sound pretty amazing, no?

Well, that’s just what a boot dryer is. They come in pretty handy when you’d like your boots to be all dry for the next day. Also, did I mention how these dryers can be used to dry off your gloves, socks, and even hats? Yeah, pretty versatile, I know. So, it goes without saying that a boot dryer is a must have for any fashion boot enthusiast.

Say Yes to Non-Metallic Toe Caps

Boots with metallic toe caps tend to overheat. This extra heat will cause your feet to sweat
up. Simple physics really. Well, you can stave off such a dilemma by only getting boots with
non-metallic toe caps.

Final Thoughts

From helping you dress better to assisting you in taking care of your apparel and footwear, my goal is to provide a one-stop destination for fashion enthusiasts. This guide took you through a complete 101 of keeping your boots smelling fresh. I hope it proved to be an insightful read. Thank you for sticking till the end. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Cheers!

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Welcome back, fashion lovers! This is your fashionista, Talha Sakrani from talhasakrani.com, Men’s and Women’s Fashion Blog.

This time I have for you a new blog of fashion tips. 

Now is the turn of women. In the last blog, we talk about the latest trends for men, so now it’s time to count the latest women’s fashion trends from spring-summer 2022. 

We still have a few weeks left to enjoy the summer, so let’s take advantage of these days to make the most of our look and our wardrobe before entering the new WOMEN’S FASHION TRENDS trends of the fall-winter season on the catwalks. 

This year we saw on the catwalks a clear return to the fashion of the 2000s, intense colors and combinations that we thought would never be fashionable again. With a wide variety, this spring-summer season allows all women to find the style they like best. 

So let’s start with the review of the latest women’s fashion trends 2022

Read this article to the end that I will tell you the most authentic and popular women’s fashion trends this year. From colors, textures and shapes. After this article, you will know everything about this fashion season.

Colors and patterns

This time let’s start with the colors. If I liked something about this spring-summer season for women, it’s the colors! Bright and bold colors dominate the scene, leaving behind the classic and boring tunes. 

Let’s see what colors dye this season. 

Neon Green 

Fluorescent tones are again placed on all the catwalks, and this time Neon Green is the king of women’s trends. 

Which green specifically? It seems that the rule this season is as acidic as possible. In that sense, lime green has dominated the scene. We saw it, for example, on the Versace catwalks with absolutely green attire, from the glasses to the shoes. But Versace wasn’t the only one to make lime green the star of its catwalks; Valentino, Badgley Mischka and Naem Khaan were part of the trend.

Pink or Bimbocore 

If the pink aesthetic has been so popular on social media, much is due to the return of Bimbocore, the fashion that takes up the histrionic pink outfits. The tone? Your favorite! All shades of pink play in this trend that has been gaining ground for a while.

Shine with Sequins

This season was undoubtedly characterized by glitter and glamour, making everyone shine. Not only bright and vivid colors take over the catwalks, but sequins were also part of them, in case you thought that this season was still missing something flashy. 

From tops, blouses, hats, and pants, we saw all the sequined garments in the latest catwalks with proposals such as Loewe, Valentino and Rodarte, with the Michael Kors dresses in silver sequins being the favorites of the season. 

So if you can’t decide which sequin piece you want to incorporate into your wardrobe, the suggestion is definitely a dress.


Of course, if there is something we love about the spring-summer seasons, it is the sexy clothes that we can wear while we can still enjoy the sun. And for this season, open fabrics and transparencies that let the skin shine are the protagonists. 

Whether in skirts or blouses, transparencies with flower decorations or of course glitter are a trend this season. So leave your shyness for autumn-winter and take advantage of the fact that this season glamour is combined with sexy.

Now that you know what tones and materials are the trends for this spring summer 2022 season, let’s move on to the combinations and cuts for this season.

The catsuits

And to start we have the Catsuit again. Yes, I know, it is not the most comfortable garment for many and finding one that fits us well is not the easiest task. But the trend of wearing jumpsuits or catsuits has its advantages. Firms such as KNWLS, Marine Serre, and Balmain, among many others, have shown that catsuits can be very versatile, making them look elegant when combined with heels, or casuals if worn with sandals or tennis 

The new? As you may have already noticed, this season is for the daring, so in the catsuit, we see transparencies again, sequins, but above all the cut-out trend stands out, with asymmetrical openings. 

If this is too much for you, black and flowers are the most discreet version for this season.

The fringes

Of course, in this fashion review for women’s fashion 2022, fringes could not be missing. 

We began to see them in the 2021/2022 fall-winter season and their acceptance was so great that we now have the summer version. 

And what is the summer version? During the last catwalks, we saw fringes on jackets, blouses and dresses, but without a doubt, the new thing in terms of fringes is short skirts with long fringes.

Dresses with pants are back 

The retro trend of the 2000s continues in fashion and in street style, dresses combined with pants continue to gain ground. Are you afraid that your combination will not achieve that street style effect? 

Don’t worry, this season we saw this combination with any kind of dress; short, long, closed and open. 

In any case, if you are looking for fashion tips to use this combination, these are the two that you should keep in mind this season: 

1) Cowboy Jeans are the best to combine with dresses 

2) Don’t forget it’s summer! Let your skin shine and you’ll be getting the winning combination.


Of course, miniskirts could not be missing from this list. And since they returned we have not stopped seeing them in fashion magazines and among the best dressed celebrities. 

Following the edgy summer trend, miniskirts have lived up to their name with really short versions. So it’s time to explore and show your body, take out of the closet those skirts that you no longer used because you considered them too short, and wear them before the end of summer!

The blazers in XL

At the extreme of the miniskirts, we find the Blazers, which during this season we saw them in extra large sizes. With traditional cuts and wide shoulder pads, this season they appear as the perfect piece to counter short and daring garments. 

As you are probably already imagining, a wide Blazer with a miniskirt is the best combination you could have this summer. To give you a good idea of what type of Blazer to wear, run to see the collections of Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and of course, Prada.

Wide Pants

Wide pants seem will not go away in a while. Whether it’s jeans, formal, or even sport and leggings, width is the key for this season. The fall in bell continues to be the trend.

Well, now you know everything you need to end this spring-summer season with all the styles of fashion trends. 

Do not miss the next edition of this blog to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and tips so that you always look spectacular, anywhere.