TOP 4 Fashion Trends Influenced by Pop Music That Will Dominate 2023

In the past few years, we’ve seen fashion and music intertwine in a variety of ways. While collaborations like Supreme x Louis Vuitton, Kanye West x Adidas, and Rihanna x PUMA were major moments for the industry, there has always been an influence of pop culture on what we wear. This year is no different, as new trends are emerging due to popular artists and their influence on fashion. From Cardi B’s love of suspenders to Nicki Minaj’s love for pink hair dye, there is no shortage of celebrities who have influenced what we wear. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent pop culture trends that will dominate winter 2023.

1. The Rise of the Platform Shoe

No article on fashion and music would be complete without mentioning the platform shoe. This classic 90s trend has seen a revival thanks to the influence of artists like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Rita Ora. With high-profile celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna also embracing the trend, it’s clear it will be a major movement for fall and winter 2023. For the most part, these shoes will be caged, allowing you to pair them with almost any outfit. While this isn’t a trend that’s likely to fade anytime soon, we’re hoping to see more variation in color. With platform shoes running the gamut from black and white to silver and gold, there’s not much variation.

2. reds and blues with blacks

Black and white have always been a classic combination, but it’s been a major trend in fashion for the past few years. From black jeans to white sneakers, this color palette has dominated fashion. Now, it appears the trend is coming to an end as many designers are moving towards more vibrant looks. From head-to-toe black and white looks with a pop of blue to a mix of rich reds and blues with black, this color palette is making a comeback. If the past few years are anything to go by, we can expect to see designers like Gucci, Balmain, and Givenchy move toward a more colorful aesthetic. This will allow for a lot of variation between collections, and we’ll see more mixes of reds and blues with blacks.

Talha Sakrani
Photo by Cristiane Mota – – Men and Women’s Fashion

3. More Diversity In Sneaker Culture

For years, urban communities have had a strong influence on the world of fashion. However, one area that has lacked diversity is the world of sneakers. With most brands catering to the “yo bro” crowd, there have been very few options for those who are more reserved. This year, we’ve begun to see a shift in this area thanks to the rise of brands like Y-3 and Balenciaga. Now, these brands have always been around, but this year has seen them shift their focus toward more diverse audiences. For example, both brands have released some of their boldest and most daring silhouettes to date. Now, when you think Balenciaga and Y-3, you don’t think “dude, bro.” Instead, you think of bold shapes, vibrant color schemes, and interesting materials. This shift in focus towards more diverse groups is paying off, as both brands are seeing a major rise in popularity.

4. An Increase in Athleisure Wear

In recent years, athleisure has been one of the fastest-growing segments in fashion. Now, this isn’t a major surprise, as athleisure is incredibly versatile and easy to incorporate into any outfit. This year, we’ve seen this segment grow even more with athletes like Odell Beckham Jr. and LeBron James regularly stepping out in athleisure looks. Now, this is more than likely due to their team’s performancewear partnership with brands like Nike. However, more and more people are embracing athleisure as a lifestyle. This can be seen in the rise of brands like Balenciaga, which has released a variety of athleisure pieces this year.


When you take into account everything that has happened in the world of fashion and music in the past few years, it’s clear that this is a major trend. There has been no shortage of pop culture references in this industry, from black and white to athletic wear. This year has been no different, with the rise of the platform shoe being the most significant development. From here, it’s hard to say which trends will be the most relevant by 2023. With each year bringing something new, only time will tell.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know your style for 2023!

men wearing blank hoodie


Hoodies are a must-have for your fall 2022 look book. The ESSENTIALS hoodie and all of its many trendy styles will be the focus of this second article this week.

Your comfy clothing has endless styling possibilities. As we move away from the day-to-day pandemic outfits, it’s time to upgrade to more refined styling. The Fear of God Essentials by Jerry Lorenzo pieces are the perfect combination of elegance and style. The brand made its debut in 2018, and since then, it has continued to offer frequent drops at more reasonable prices to fashion enthusiasts. The ESSENTIALS hoodie is simple, with a relaxed fit that is focused on comfort. The ESSENTIALS branding enriches this hoodie, and the styling options are endless.

For fall 2022, fans of Fear of God are being drawn to ESSENTIALS by their largest collection since their debut. Streetwear lovers are still drawn to it because of its neutral color scheme, distinctive branding, and generous cuts. If you are seeking something more premium than fast fashion, the first ESSENTIALS collection for fall 2022 dropped on August 24, and the second drop was on September 28. You can dig into the seasonal fits for your fall 2022 look book with the ESSENTIALS hoodie.

Styling the ESSENTIALS hoodie

The ESSENTIALS hoodie is simple, and it comes in muted tones, making it incredibly versatile. To style the ESSENTIALS hoodie, you can easily play around with pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

1. Layer your ESSENTIALS hoodie for fall

The ESSENTIALS hoodie is a great layering piece for a day out. It elevates the cozy look while keeping you warm at the same time. Wear the hoodie over a simple tank or t-shirt, and then add an overcoat or jacket over the hoodie. Pair it with slim-fit jeans and a pair of your favorite trainers to complete the look.

2. Athleisure

With athleisure, comfort and cool go hand in hand. With the right tips, you can wear your ESSENTIALS hoodie without running the risk of looking like you were too lazy to change out of your gym gear. The ESSENTIALS hoodie has a softer and heavier fabric, which makes the fit sharper and cleaner. For a full athleisure look, pair your ESSENTIALS hoodie with fitted joggers and complete the look with leather joggers.

3. Bring out your leather jacket

The leather jacket elevates your ESSENTIALS hoodie for a stylish off-duty look. A black leather jacket with well-fitted jeans combined with suede Chelsea boots will smarten this look. You can experiment with different colors depending on your aesthetic.

4. Tailored suit

Rip up traditional look books by wearing your ESSENTIALS hoodie under an unstructured suit. This sports-meets-suit look works if you opt for lace-up sneakers instead of formal footwear. For a slightly less committed way to style your ESSENTIALS hoodie with smart pieces, try pairing the hoodie with tailored trousers and luxe sports sneakers.

Generally, the Essentials hoodie has a versatile design, and it comes in neutral colors that will complement most pieces that you already own.

Shakir Sakrani - models and black and white hoodies in studio


Talha Sakrani


In first blog of this week, we will be taking a look at top fashion brands in 2022 as well as their top selling products, with a little bit of insight from Talha Sakrani.

There are millions of active fashion brands worldwide, and Gucci and Balenciaga topped the list in many categories amongst other top fashion brands in 2022. This is based on popularity, trendiness, and best-selling products. 

2021 saw a shift towards sustainable fashion, and the some of the top fashion brands in 2021 concentrated on the end-of-life impacts and established biodiversity strategies. In 2022, the top fashion brands reflect this shift in mindset, and we are seeing a lot of digital fashion as well as demonstrations of the relationships we have with our clothes.

The pandemic magnified the relevance of digital fashion, and it is now considered as the future of sustainable fashion because it reduces unnecessary production, pollution, and waste. As we reexamine the relationships we have with clothes, we are seeing the top fashion brands start to show clothes as a tool for storytelling and a source of inspiration for the next generation.

Top fashion brands: Balenciaga

One of the top fashion brands today is Balenciaga and the Balenciaga’s The Mud Show for SS23 took the fashion world by storm. Kanye West opened The Mud Show for Balenciaga and fake babies were carried across the mud filled runway. While Balenciaga’s The Mud Show for SS23 might have been a spectacle to watch, there was a deeper meaning to it. “This show is a metaphor for digging for truth and being down to earth.” 

Balenciaga’s The Mud Show for SS23 was a tool for inspiration by challenging normative dress codes. The collection celebrated manmade ideas of the incorrect and disproportionate. Some clothes looked like rugs, and most of them were covered in mud, but most importantly, the models were not the typical models we’re used to seeing on runways.

Fashion can be interpreted differently by different people. But from this particular show by Balenciaga, the avant-garde apocalyptic style really shone through, and there were strong themes of sustainability, repairs, and reparations.

Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga celebrates the utilitarian side of fashion with a timeless American style. This lineup by Kanye West and Demna reimagines wardrobe essentials, and the products flew off the shelves after production, reaffirming Kanye’s efforts to democratize fashion.

Top fashion brands: Gucci

Just like the Balenciaga Mud Show, the Gucci SS23 Gucci Twinsburg show was wild. According to Vogue, it was a play on reflections, examining our conceptions of reality, and self. This is a recurring theme in fashion today, with top fashion brands using the runway to encourage people to reflect on individuality as well as their relationship with clothes and fashion.

Michele describes his thinking behind the Gucci Twinsburg show as a collection that talks about his idea of the world because fashion is deeply connected to life and humanity. 

Gucci has always been among top fashion brands, and there are items that will always be iconic. The top products for Gucci in 2022 were the Gucci x Adidas collection. There was a 286% increase in searches for Gucci within 48 hours of the collection’s release. The Gucci x Adidas Gazelle sneakers were among the hottest products on the Lyst index.

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Thank you for visiting – FashION TRNDZ –

Hey there, fashionistas! In our second blog of this week, we’ll be taking a look at summer wardrobes and exploring some tips by Talha Sakrani on how to style your favorite summer staples into fall.

As we transition into a new season, there is always a period that feels like limbo, where the weather is unpredictable and the clothes in our wardrobe seem to be either too much or too little. While bidding adieu to the carefree summer days, and welcoming the more crisp air of the fall season, you do not have to say goodbye to all your summer favorites. Some of them are great for transitional weather and wearable even in cooler temperatures. With the right guidance, you can easily style your favorite summer staples in fall.

TRENDS to style your favorite summer staples in fall

Often, it takes a while to adjust to a new season. The cool mornings and nights and warm days make it hard to settle on an outfit. You are often tempted to wear your summer favorites, and you can – if you know how to style your favorite summer staples in fall. These simple tricks can help you navigate your wardrobe and wear your summer outfits in fall.

1. As the weather becomes cooler, swap the sandals for boots, and bring out bring out your socks and stockings. Keeping your feet warm is crucial during the fall season.

Nida Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

2. Layering is the best way to ensure that you are comfortable in any situation. When it gets warm you can take off a few layers, and when it’s cold again you can simply throw them on. To ensure that your outfits do not make you look overdressed, try layering shades of the same color in different textures. This makes your outfit appear sophisticated and dimensional.

talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

3. Swap the summer accessories for fall appropriate ones. As you transition into fall, pack away the straw hats and the beach bags and bring out your warm suede jackets and knit scarfs. This simple tip can transform any outfit from a summer look to a fall look within minutes. It’s also a great way to get inspired for the season as you swap summer items for fall items.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Blog

4. Your long summer dresses are also wearable in fall. You can style the long flowy dresses with boots and a long coat as the weather gets cooler. If you still need an extra layer, wear a turtleneck under your dress as well as stockings or socks.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

5. The crop top is often packed away with other summer accessories, but you can wear crop tops over your button down shirts, turtle necks, and dresses or cover up with a warmer blazer. The secret to styling your crop top is ensuring that you add a little of balance by pairing it with something that’s warmer.

Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

Just because the weather has changed doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your wardrobe. In fact, the best pieces of clothing are those that can be worn over and over regardless of the season. To style your favorite summer staples in fall, you must be ready to experiment and play around with different pieces so that your outfits reflect your personal style.

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You're on the Men's and Women's Fashion Blog!

On this week’s blog, we’ll be covering investments here at, specifically fashion investments worth making in your 20s.

Everyone wants to dress well and own stylish items in their closet. While the modern fashion lover would love to own more options, it is more sensible to find value in classic pieces. These pieces may have a bigger price tag, but they stand the test of time, lasting through various fashion eras and can be passed down through generations. 

Your 20s are the years when you should start doing the ground work on defining your style and investing in classic pieces. The main question is: what are the fashion investments worth making in your 20s?

Nida Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

How to find fashion investments worth making in your 20s

According to top stylists, the quality and craftsmanship of a fashion item makes it worth the amount you splurge on. An item is classic based on its timelessness. Classic pieces can be worn over and over again without extreme wear and tear, and without running out of style. With this in mind, here are a few classic pieces that are fashion investments worth making in your 20s.

1. The classic trench coat

Trench coats were originally designed to help army officers weather rainstorms, but today, they are great for transitional seasons and unpredictable weather. Trench coats can be thrown over most outfits without taking away from the aesthetics. Investing in a trench coat in neutral colors is worth spending big bucks because a good trench coat is an effortless piece for all ages and genders.

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

2. The timeless everyday bag

Quality handbags are pieces of art crafted by skilled artisans, but not all of them can be used everyday. Your everyday bag goes with everything, it’s made to last a lifetime, and it fits your daily essentials perfectly. When buying a classic handbag, choose long lasting material in neutral hues, with clean lines meant to transcend trends and seasons.

talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

3. The black blazer

A quality-made black blazer is a classic piece worth spending on. Based on your personal style, you can choose a cut that suits your everyday outfits. The black blazer can be paired with boyfriend jeans, a slip dress, or even over a simple t-shirt to give a more polished appearance. The classic black blazer will never run out of style, so it is wise to invest in a good one.

talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

4. The statements necklace

Accessories go a long way in elevating your day or night looks. In your twenties, it may be tempting to buy many sets of cheap jewelry, but it’s wiser to invest in high quality statement pieces that will grow in value over time and serve you and future generations. When buying a statement piece, buy one in a classic design made from genuine metals like gold or silver and authentic precious stones and gems like emeralds, rubies, or opal.

Waheeda Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

Sustainable fashion is meant to last a lifetime. Fashion investments worth making in your 20s may be quite expensive, but as you continue to collect classic pieces, you will be glad that you started early.

Talha Sakrani


Hello, fashion lovers! In this week’s blog, we will be exploring the Best Tips To Define Your Style with Talha Sakrani of talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion.

Your personal style is one of the most effective communication tools. It is an expression of creativity and personality. Style is the voice that speaks without the need for words, an impactful first impression. Finding and defining your style can be tedious, and sometimes even confusing. With trends emerging each day, it can be hard to identify what you genuinely like and what you would love to own just to keep up with the trends.  However, there are a few tips that can make the process of defining your style a lot easier. If you want to define your style, here are the five best tips to give you a good start.

Tips to define your style

What is your style inspiration?

It could be a character from your favorite film, or a celebrity, or maybe a co-worker, who you look up to as your personal style icon. Often, you will find that you are inspired by a mix of different styles from different people.

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion
Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

You may look up to Billie Eilish, Rick Owens, and Zendaya and this will tell you a lot about your style preferences and the pieces you should go for. When defining your style from your favorite fashion icons, always make sure that it is a style that you like on your body, and not on other people. Being comfortable is essential.

Take a look at your wardrobe

People rarely start defining their style with an empty wardrobe. With the pieces you have, sort through the items you love and want to keep, and donate anything that no longer serves you. Look at the pieces you love and evaluate whether these pieces have been influenced by your style icons. Better yet, take a personal style quiz to identify your dominant style so that you can further define your style by adding a personalized and unique twist.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion
Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

What is your favorite color

To add a personal twist to your dominant style, color and color combinations play a huge role. Whether you love minimal greyscale outfits or loud eccentric hues, identifying your favorite color and color combinations will help you to develop a signature style. This is especially crucial for your accessories and statement pieces. Accessories are a huge piece of the personal style puzzle because they speak a lot about your personality.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion
Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion
Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

The process of defining your personal style can be hectic, but it is undoubtedly fun. Once you define your style in relation to your day-to-day, don’t be scared to add little twists when it gets boring, it is in this way that personal styles evolve. Most importantly, wear a smile and be confident throughout your personal style journey. These tips to define your style are only effective if you are true to who you are.

Talha Sakrani


We’ll be reviewing the best fall 2022 fashion trends from the runways, with a Talha Sakrani twist on how you can incorporate these fall 2022 fashion trends into your daily outfits.

Fall is finally here, and aside from the colorful leaves hitting our pavements, we expect new fashion trends to bring some warmth to the crisp fall air. Fall fashion trends are almost always the same, with knits and denim combos paired with boots. This year however, the fall 2022 fashion trends from the runways hint at things being a little different.

Biggest fall 2022 fashion trends from the runways

1. Leather

Leather is a fall staple, and this year, we will see a lot of leather outfits. On Prada’s runway, there were pink leather trenches, and we also saw leather-on-leather outfits on Saint Laurent, Tod’s, and Khaite runways.

Leather garments are almost always timeless, and a great way to level up your outfit. From oversized leather blazer jackets with a Y2K influence, to figure hugging leather pants, you can elevate your outfit effortlessly. Leather transitions seamlessly from day to night and you have numerous styling options for the leather pieces you go for.

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion
Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

2. The white tank

When we exchanged luxury outfits for lounge wear during the COVID 19 period, tanks were a basic in every closet. They seem to be essential even now when we are embarrassing a more-is-more attitude towards fashion.

The white tank pairs with almost everything, and it comes in different fabrics. This ease in styling it is quite powerful, as demonstrated on Bottega Veneta, Prada, and Chloe runways. This fall, you can pair a basic white tank with baggy jeans, long skirts, or leather pants for an elevated look. 

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

3. Classic Knits

Knits will never go out of fashion during fall season. From knit sweaters to knit dresses, and knit sets, you can wear your favorite classic knit throughout fall 2022. The Avant Apocalypse trend is in full throttle, and you should expect to see it in your favorite fall pieces. 

Knits will be in the form of distressed knitwear with exposed raw edges and mottled finishes. Despite the nature of this trend, it is surprisingly wearable as demonstrated by Kiko Kostadinov, No.21, and GCDS runways. Distressed knits can be paired with basic clothes. Layering is the key to styling your Avant apocalypse knitwear.

In general fall 2022 fashion trends are more about expressing individual style.  These trends are only as meaningful as the people who embrace them. If you incorporate the runway trends to your daily outfits, it is important to ensure that you add a bit of personality to make these trends your own.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion
talha sakrani


Autumn is here, soon the landscape will change color, and you should too!

Hello again to all fashionista community and welcome to Talha Sakrani’s Fashion Blog!

As you know, from September 21 to 24, autumn will enter the northern hemisphere, so we cannot wait another day to find out which colors will set the trend in the coming months.

In addition, this year is happening within the world of fashion, something extraordinary. Unlike what is normally expected for autumn and winter, this season will see a revolution of colors.

During the spring and the summer we saw how bright and striking colors took over the world of fashion and catwalks. And to the surprise of many, this trend will not go away! Yes, just as you heard, the bright and radiant colors are still valid during this fall winter 2022.

The dark and somber color palettes, we are used to during these dates, are a thing of the past. This year, the best fall looks will be the ones with the most life, so ditch black and brown this season.

Although, of course, these colors will not be the same as what we saw in the previous months. If you want to know which are the most fashionable colors for this fall-winter 2022, keep reading. I’m sure these new trends will surprise you as much as they did me.

So the general recommendation for this season is, renew yourself! Let’s forget, at least for this season, the sober looks and join this fashion color revolution.

Read it to the end! Because in addition to telling you what the star colors of this fall are, I will give you a fashion tip so that you can conquer the streets with your best outfits this season.

These are the trendy colors of this fall 2022

Blue Like The Ocean

If I am delighted with something this season, it is with the triumphal entry of this ocean blue that had been hanging around the catwalks for a while, and it seems that this fall will be its moment to shine.

Being perhaps the most revolutionary color of this season, since it is not common to see this color during the fall, ocean blue will be a must in those wardrobes that are considered precursors of fashion.

This blue hue will also be combined with lighter sky blue tones. But without losing sight of the fact that, to be fashionable this season, we have to bring it to life, that is, not just any blue will do, it has to be a bright, radiant blue that, unlike cream tones, can be seen from meters away.

Talha Sakrani

Burnt Orange

Yes, just as you heard it, “orange is the new black.” Of course, the best thing about autumn is being able to combine it with the landscapes. And who doesn’t love the reddish orange tones that are born with autumn?

This season, despite being different from others, does not miss that opportunity and puts the burnt orange in the center of the stage. Only unlike other years, this time, as you already know, the rule is: shine.

Talha Sakrani

Green lime

If you followed the advice of this blog, and you have added lime green garments to your wardrobe, you did very well. This color has managed to enter the hearts of fashionistas and also on all the catwalks, to the point that we will not have to say goodbye to it in this change of season.

From shoes to hats, all things lime green are still going strong for a fashion fall this 2022

Barbie Pink

The full pink or pink core also survives the season! And it couldn’t be better! Maybe it’s becoming the new classic look in every wardrobe, which is amazing since this color has the quality to go great with any skin tone.

In addition, the catwalks and the stars are making this color the elegant classic of fashion, breaking with the stereotypes of “serious” colors, that is, the palettes of dark tones, as the only elegant ones.

Talha Sakrani

Lilac Not Purple

Bursting onto the fashion scene for this fall 2022, we see this lilac hue. Although, unlike the other colors, we do not find it in its bright hue, which would make it purple, it still fulfills the rule of being flashy.

The advantage of incorporating a piece of this color to your wardrobe is that it combines perfectly with the warm brown colors, characteristic of autumn, and of which you surely have the occasional jacket and coat.

Talha Sakrani

Fiery Red

If you were already worrying about not seeing red on this list, forget it. Designers know that fall is the perfect excuse to wear red, and that the fashionistas love it.

Red is another of the colors that make us combine perfectly with the natural colors of this fall and we would not want to lose it.

However, there is a difference from years past, and yes, it is the brightness. The intense and bright red will be the one we will see this season in the fashion world, giving us the opportunity to bring out our most sensual side.

Talha Shakir Sakrani

Cream White

For the most minimalist people, there is an option that does not lose the rule of shining, while reconciling with a more classic look. The Cream White. Indeed, unlike a total white, the cream hue gives it not only that characteristic shine of this season, but also the autumnal essence that we want to preserve in all our looks.

Talha Sakrani

Fashion tip

Now that you know what the star colors will be for this fall-winter 2022 season, you can start putting together your best looks for the most important events.

But wait, if you are thinking of adding new clothes to your wardrobe for this season, this fashion tip that I am going to give you will make you the star of the season.

And the tip is: Full color, as full as you can! If you manage to wear all your clothes, from above to the shoes of the same color, you will be doing great! So forget about the combinations while you can, and choose one color per day.

Talha Shakir Sakrani

That’s all for today, Talha Sakrani friend´s, go out and conquer the streets with your best outfits for this fall winter 2022. And don’t forget to tell me and send me your best photos to inspire the next blog. Remember that the street makes the catwalks and not the other way around!

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Hello, fashion lovers! This is Talha Sakrani again, and in this week’s blog, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at classic black denim. We will help you pick the perfect pair of black denim to wear throughout the fall season of 2022.

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

Every fall season, these makes a comeback as we transition our wardrobe from the light, airy colors to dark, rich, and cozy colors. Black jeans has been a constant staple during fall season, and for fall ‘22, they straddle the thin line between edgy and effortless. Regardless of the setting in which you wear black denim, they can elevate your look on any spectrum, from casual to work-appropriate outfits.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion Blog

How to style your black denim

These can be dressed up or down. The ultimate black denim guide would be rather incomplete if it failed to recognize the versatility that makes the perfect black piece an essential in every wardrobe during the fall season. The key to wearing it is finding a pair that matches your physique and the vibe you are going for. Depending on how you style your black denim, you can wear them every day of the week, throughout the fall season

Shirts to wear with black denim

Black denim is commonly paired with t-shirts, but there are numerous options for combinations that can dress your black pants up or down. Button up shirts are a great item that you probably already have in your wardrobe. They work stunningly well with black denim and create a perfect balance for smart-casual looks. Depending on your aesthetic, you can tailor your look to have a different effect. Plain shirts are more elegant, while floral and paisley prints are a better option for people going for a more bohemian style. Pairing your black denim with flannel brings a rocker twist to a basic outfit.

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

The classic black shirt with your favorite pair of denim not only adds sophistication to your outfit, it is also a combination that can easily become edgy with the right accessories and the pair of shoes you pick.

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

Dress shoes and formal boots make your black shirt and denim combination appear more formal, while trainers make the outfit more relaxed.

Talha Shakir Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

The white shirt helps you achieve the clean aesthetic. This color combination; black jeans paired with a white shirt, is a classic monochrome combination that provides a traditional appeal. For a more polished look, finish your look with a traditional blazer or a coat. If you are going for a casual appearance, pair your black bottoms with a simple short sleeved white shirt and a bomber jacket. Adding casual accessories like trainers and a cap makes the outfit more relaxed.

Talha Sakrani
talhasakrani.comMen’s and Women’s Fashion

When to wear

This denim is versatile and trans-seasonal. You can wear your it to work, official meetings, brunch with friends, or even out for a shopping spree. Black is a neutral and solid color that can be paired with other neutral colors like olive, tan, dark blue, and grey. Based on the dress code you are aiming for, you can style your outfit for semi-formal and casual occasions.